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Popup Media is a Master of the Non-Glare, Photo-Friendly Backdrop Wall

The primary use for a media wall is to provide a backdrop for photographers and broadcast media when taking promotional images. Popup Media understands the dynamics involved between media walls and quality photography. The company specializes in glare-free media backdrops for any event.

Depending upon the event, photographers and media outlets may use a variety of lighting sources and flash photography for their images. It’s imperative that a media wall Sydney doesn’t create glare. Distracting glare can prevent journalists, photographers, and TV stations from obtaining the high-quality photos needed to publicize an event, celebrity or product in the desired manner. A glare-free background is essential for any gathering where pictures will be taken.

When utilizing a media backdrop, image quality is equally important to ensure that logos, photos and wording looks crisp, clean and sharp. Popup Media walls provide high-resolution printing, vivid colours, and eco-friendly fabric that’re highly durable. They store easily when not in use and can be reused for annual events.

Popup Media has an extensive range of media backdrops in sizes and styles to accommodate any requirement and custom walls are available. Some of the most popular models are currently being offered on sale including the following.
• 2m wide x 2.3m high to accommodate two people, $785 AUD
• 2.4m wide by 2.3m high for 2-3 individuals, $825, AUD
• 3m wide by 2.3 high to frame 3-5 to five people, $895 AUD
• 3m wide by 2.3m high arc curved media wall for 3-5 subjects, $895 AUD
• 6m wide by 2.3m high for 6-8 people, $1,375 AUD

The specialists at Popup Media are always available to help. Clients can simply send their logos to the company’s designers and free artwork will be provided to complement the logo. Individuals also have cost effective media wall options that include purchasing the background outright or hiring one for the required amount of time.

About Popup Media

Popup Media is a Sydney-based company specializing in production of media backdrop for all events and occasions. Our focus is on details and our talented team of creatives will assist you select and design the right solution for your event. Our products are functional, reusable, high-quality and feature modern design. Our products are versatile, portable, lightweight and easy to set up. The entire system is sturdy and fits in a handy aesthetic carry bag.

Media Contact
Popup Media
Phone: 1300 909 446
Website: www.popup-media.com.au

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