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Custom Stickers Can Be Used With Modern Promotions

For decades now, stickers have been helping politicians get elected and companies establish their brands. Despite being long lasting and having a low cost per impression, however, marketing professionals aren’t really paying much attention to the power of custom stickers in modern promotions. Here are just 9 of the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this medium:

1. The power of word of mouth
Think offline marketing is no longer as effective as social media when it comes to word of mouth? Think again. Recent studies have shown that 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know – and that 90% of conversations about brands is taking place offline. Tools like stickers can be used to encourage and amplify these conversations.

2. Placement and promotion
Stickers don’t always have to be giveaways, either. They can be an inexpensive way to brand products, packaging, signage and serviced equipment. You can’t always rely on others to be advocates of your message and/or brand, but you can certainly do it yourself. Slap a sticker on paper carry bags or on parcels that you send out.

3. Micro marketing
The succinct nature of custom stickers means that the process of development and design can help to clarify and focus other marketing efforts (such as logo, website, business cards and so on). You need to ask yourself questions like who do you want to communicate with, where do you find them, what are their interests, and so on.

4. Compliment and enhance other efforts
Stickers can also be used in other ways to enhance and strengthen marketing campaign. They can be traded for addresses, for example, or they can be used to deliver valuable information. They improve the open rates of direct mail and can generate great PR (even more so if the campaign is interesting). The opportunities are endless.

5. Anti advertising
Marketing that interrupts or is lost amongst a sea of other pitches is no longer going to be cost effective. The power of stickers lies in the fact that they aren’t perceived as marketing – instead, they’re personal endorsements, recommendations and badges of support for a particular message, product or business/organisation.

6. Go beyond the bumper
We’re not longer just talking about the humble bumper sticker, which was stuck on the bumpers of our cars to be seen as we drove around. The days of big, white, rectangular decals are disappearing – these days, they’re coming in all shapes and sizes for windows, laptops, equipment, signs, phones, people – anywhere you can think of.

In summary, marketing is all about relationships – communicating what makes you unique and of value to your target audience. Custom stickers can be used in a number of ways to strengthen this bond and encourage people to spread the word about you. Just remember that, like any form of marketing, the use of stickers requires proper planning, design and execution.
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