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A Closer Look into the Call Center Capital of the World According to research giant The Everest Group

The Philippines remains to be the number one contact centre outsourcing destination in the world. In the US alone, 60% of its companies outsource call centres from the Philippines. By 2022, the Philippine government projects an increase to $20 billion in the BPO sub-sector’s revenue. Aside from the widely discussed cheap labour costs, the factors which make the Philippines the world’s call centre capital are their hospitality, English literacy, western cultural knowledge and varied skillset. These qualities make the country an attractive destination for offshore call centre outsourcing.

Filipinos Exude High Empathy As a customer; there’s nothing worse than being on the phone with a seemingly indifferent agent. Fortunately, this is a rare case with Filipinos. In fact, Filipinos carry a cultural concept/value called “damayan” which is defined as mutual or common empathy with another’s suffering (Gerali, 2000). It is culturally innate for them to have this type of empathy, which makes them great customer service representatives. Companies prefer working with Filipino call centre agents because they are warm and often go the extra mile to be of help to the customers.

Linguistic Competence In the Philippines, English is considered a national language alongside Filipino. Most of the people speak English in “neutral” accent, which is perfect for the call centre industry. This neutral accent allows both the agent and the customer to maximize mutual understanding in their communication. This is the primary reason why the Philippines has overthrown India as its competitor as the best call centre location in the world. Furthermore, the linguistic capabilities of Filipinos do not stop with English. It is important to note that many of them are multilingual who can speak European languages and other Asian languages too.

Strategic Location Southeast Asia makes a good and accessible location for outsourcing. Foreign investors take an interest in the Philippines because it is a gateway to a 600-million population of ASEAN market. Aside from ASEAN countries, it is also close to powerful economies such as China, Korea, and Japan. Because the Philippines is considered the intersection of western and eastern businesses, it attracts chief business executives to invest.

Throughout the years, the Philippines has continued to thrive in the call centre sector. Because of its success, call centres have become an attraction for companies investing in business process outsourcing. Over time, more and more foreign investors partner with Philippine call centres. From high client satisfaction to specialized talent, Filipinos can easily tick off every customer service requirement. As a growing economic lifeline of the country, the Philippine call centre business is set to be bigger in the coming years.
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