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Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane Offering Affordable Mar Repairs in the Brisbane Area

It’s not every day that you will experience a laptop or PC breakdown but when it does it can be a harrowing experience. At such time you need a repair service that can fix the issue in probably a couple of hour’s maybe. Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane is a subsidiary of PC Repairs Brisbane, a company that’s been around since the year 2000 and has serviced over a thousand happy clients.

Robert Straessle, owner of PC Repairs Brisbane and Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane says, “We are team of experienced and committed professional who can fix a PC or laptop in the shortest possible time.” He further added, “Over the last 5 yrs or so users of the Macbook Pro and other Mac computers have grown tremendously and with that the need for Mac repairs. We are among the market leaders providing comprehensive service for Apple computers in Brisbane.”

There are companies that don’t work on Mac devices, but that’s not a problem with the full range of services at Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane. Clients can count on professional Mac repairs Brisbane, along with network setup, hardware installation, and data recovery for all computers. Computer and network security, mobile device setup, general computer tune-ups to improve performance, and insurance reports for damaged devices are also available.

The great stand out thing about the company is that they are both a mobile service visiting customer points to service and also have their own service & repair center where customers can drop off the Macbook for repair & servicing.

The mobile team covers not just Brisbane area but even the surrounding suburbs like Logan, Ipswich, Waterford West, Newmarket and many more. Customers can call (07) 3155 2248 and schedule a service for their Mac computer. Despite providing a mobile service the company offers affordable Mac repairs Brisbane. While most companies’ charge 11-15 per hour and upwards Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane is happy to provide top notch services at $9 per hour.

About Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane

Get your computer repaired by a Microsoft Certified Professional or an Apple Certified Technician. We have more 5-star reviews than any other computer repairs Brisbane company or store! Most repairs are completed within 24 hours.

Media Contact
Get My Computer Repaired Brisbane
45 North Street
Newmarket QLD 4051
Phone: (07) 3155 2248
Email: support@getmycomputerrepaired.com.au
Website: www.getmycomputerrepaired.com.au
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