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Want A Thoughtful Gift That Will Make Your Wife Feel Spoilt? Try These Ideas

Women love to be spoilt; and there’s no better time to do this than on their birthdays. Your wife’s birthday is a big deal for her and as such it should also be for you. Forgetting this special day is an insult, but an even worse insult is to not spoil her on her this day. Like the majority of husbands, you may be clueless as to how to make your wife feel special and appreciated. Perhaps you have been together for long and feel that you have run out of ideas. Here are some suggested gifts for your wife that will inspire you.

1. Online Shopping Spree
Most women love to shop but their partners don’t always share this passion. Luckily today a shopping spree doesn’t have to be in a physical store. You can suggest online stores that you can shop in together while in the comfort of your home. Among the things you can buy online are jewelry pieces like sterling silver earrings, clothing, accessories like silk scarves and bags and even make up. Do your research beforehand and surprise her by suggesting some new and unique online stores. Go “shopping” with a glass of champagne and cheese platter and it will be a birthday she won’t forget.

2. Accessories
Choosing a piece of clothing for another person can be a minefield, especially if you are unsure of their size. Pick a size that’s too small and your present is useless. Pick a size that’s too big and you’re in trouble. Buying an accessory, such as a silk scarf or a bag, removes this problem. There are even websites that have suggestions to make the selection easier and have a Photo-Match Advice page.

3. Jewelry
You can’t go too wrong with jewelry – it makes a great present for your wife. There are so many different kinds you are sure to find one to suit her - vintage style, simple jewelry, tribal jewelry or fashion jewelry. You can also choose from affordable pieces to the very expensive once. Silver jewelry is more affordable than other precious metals. Sterling silver earrings will suit almost anyone. Think about the colours she wears most and pick jewelry with a stone in that colour.

4. Unleash your creativity
You can go personal with the present for your wife that you opt for. If you are skilled in singing or in other types of art like drawing, you can make a special piece for your wife. The best thing about having a personalizedpresent for your wife is that you know exactly what your lady loves and you can give them that. Personal messages also have a way of making the occasion more special.

Dos and Don’ts for Wife birthday gifts

• Do: Go all out of your way to get her something special and something you are sure she will appreciate.
• Do: Create a budget so that you know the price range for the wife gift you’re searching for.
• Don’t: Buy something that’s eccentric. The gift you buy should match your wife’s personality
• Don’t: Run out of patience. Getting the ideal gift can be time consuming and exhausting but it is all worth it in the end.
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