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Benefits you can get from Motorola X Pure Edition

If you are willing to buy a big phone, you can benefit from this affordable Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. Motorola’s hardware has always had style in spades, so it makes perfect sense to call its flagship the Style. The stylish and customizable design allows this smartphone has an excellent value. In this article, let us review this high-end cell phone. Would you like to learn more?

Compared to the 2014 Moto X, Motorola increased the Moto X Pure Edition's display by half an inch, bumping up the device's overall footprint. Though it isn't as big as the Google Nexus 6 (which was manufactured by Motorola before Google sold it off to Lenovo), the size jump still makes it notably bigger than the previous 5.2-inch Moto X . That means -- for some -- it won't fit in your front pockets easily and you can't maneuver it with one hand comfortably. I passed it around for several opinions, and even tall people with large hands noted problems reaching for the notifications shade with their thumbs.

Just like with the previous Moto X, you can choose from various color backs made of genuine Safflano leathers by Horween, real wood, and other materials. You get your pick of 18 different inlays and 7 different accent colors too. So if you want, you can have a sky-blue back with a magenta-pink metal accent next to the camera. I never feared that I’d drop it, thanks in part to the texture, the sturdy metal frame, and the slightly curved back. Although it’s a big, iPhone 6 Plus-sized phone, the Moto X doesn’t feel unwieldy or tough to hold. That gentle curve makes all the difference, which is probably why it’s become so common on larger phones these days. The Moto X is among the most beautiful Android phones you can buy, and the Moto Maker customization options really take personality to the next level. There’s just something about having a unique phone that you designed.

As for device's display, it's bigger as I mentioned before. It also has a sharp 1,440p resolution and its maximum brightness level is bright enough to view comfortably outdoors in sunlight. Likewise, the minimum brightness level is also extremely dim, which is useful for avoiding eye-strain when viewing your handset in the dark. The screen has a wide viewing angle and is responsive to the touch. I had no problems reading text and playing games, and streaming YouTube videos and watching the HD movie "Gravity" looked smooth and crisp. There's also a new setting under Display where you can choose between two color modes: normal or vibrant. Under normal mode, colors are already bright and vivid. But with the latter, hues are more saturated and richer.

Motorola’s cameras typically suck – they’ve been the low point on the company’s phones for years now. Motorola has finally fixed this problem. The Moto X Style sports a 21-megapixel rear-facing camera that takes great pictures. In addition to the higher resolution sensor, Motorola’s added an f/2.0 aperture, Phase Detect Auto Focus, and a Dual Color Correlated Temperature flash, which make all the difference. Finally, Motorola has made a camera that works. It still has some issues in low light and at night, but it’s no worse in those tricky settings than most smartphone cameras. Obviously, pictures taken in full sunlight look magnificent. The detail captured by the camera is impressive. Meanwhile, the front-facing selfie cam is 5 megapixels, which is quickly becoming the standard for self-respecting Android smartphones. Even the new iPhone 6S line has a sharper selfie cam. The Moto X’s front-facing shooter has a wide-angle lens, too, so you should be able to get your friends in the shot as well.

The Motorola Moto X Pure Edition delivers high-end specifications, which is a tempting transaction. This smartphone has a decent camera which can capture the moment what you want. When you learn today’s topic, you may show some interests. On, you can purchase a Motorola X Pure Edition LCD digitizer replacement at a lower price. A set of installation tool is prepared for your DIY requirement. Our screens go through rigorous QC testing before delivery.

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