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Getting Advice From Your Local Butcher

When you choose to use a local butcher shop to buy all your meats, Perth meat platter and such, you do so because of the excellent quality of meat, because you want to know where your meat comes from, and because of the service you receive when it is one of the best. Somewhere like a Princi Butcher shop can give you not just great meat, but also advice on it from the best cuts, to how to cook them or to ask suggestions for something you have never tried before.

Butchers are highly skilled professionals and can ensure there is less waste and all of the meat on the animal is used. They know all the different cuts there are, and if you want a cut they might not usually use, often you can put in a request and they can provide you with what you want. If there is a dish you want to make, they can advise you on what cut would best suit that, they know which meat will be more tender, which cuts need long slow cooking, which will be less fatty and which means of cooking would be the best option.

You can feel safe that when you go to your Princi Butcher and ask about what would be the best meats for a family BBQ, they can help you out, and are happy to do so. They can also explain how to properly store and handle whatever you buy. With a good butcher, you get so much more than just a pre-packaged piece of meat. They also know how to use lesser-known parts if you are interested and are also knowledgeable about other meats like platters and processed meats like sausages, bacon, and ham.

If you are looking for a Perth meat platter of high quality and excellent taste look to your local butchers. When you buy something like sausages from a supermarket you are never really sure what ingredients have gone into them. Learn about the different meats and herbs and other flavors they might add, taste the different options they have available. Many butchers have their own specialties that are worth trying.

There are many other tricks a butcher knows and is happy to share. Just spend some time each time you visit asking a few questions if they are not especially busy and you can pick up a wealth of useful cooking, storage and trick tips for the meat you buy. Learn how to make bacon or ham less salty, and how to properly store sausages in the fridge so that they do not go wrinkly, or how to avoid sausages bursting when they cook!

You and your family can benefit from shopping at the butchers, the meat will taste better and you can understand better where it comes from. But there is as much value in the knowledge and experience a butcher has. If you love to cook and feed people you will learn how to be even better at it!


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