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Montessori Schools – The Inspiration and the Method

It was Maria Montessori an Italian educator, who first started the move towards Montessori type schools. She was a doctor (in fact was the first woman to get a medical degree in Italy) and decided to start a different school after the experiences she had when seeing how children with special needs were learning. Here is a closer look at what inspired her, what is different about the method of Montessori schooling and why you might choose a Montessori school, Perth over other Rockingham childcare or school options!

What inspired her to try something different

Having seen how mentally challenged children were taught, and strongly disagreeing with it, Montessori decided to start her own school. She was inspired by philosophers and educators Itard and Seguin and she founded her first school, the Casa Dei Bambini in 1907. It was there that she developed and honed her teaching skills and her new approach proved to be very beneficial and effective with the children. She published a book in 1912 called The Montessori Method and that explained her techniques and methods for teaching. The Montessori approach to learning became popular around the world, and schools opened using it not just for children with special needs, but for regular children too.

Looking a little closer at the Montessori method of education

At the start of the process, it was very much about letting the children use tactile methods of learning, and ways to keep their attention. Then the method and technique expanded into moving away from teacher-led classes that often children did not listen to at least some, and to move towards child-led learning. A Montessori school Perth or elsewhere, encourage the children to gain knowledge, explore theories and set their own learning goals.

There is less confinement to classrooms, more encouragement to ask questions and teachers are there to guide and offer suggestions as the child needs. The idea is that when you allow children the room to choose they will still want to learn, and will actually learn more and retain more because they have the control. In this type of independent school children work at a speed they choose, set their own goals and progress without worrying about being behind other children, or without having other children slow them down.

There is still a strong focus as well on hands-on learning, doing rather than listening. Teachers are sometimes called directors and they help the children move from one assignment to another. Children learn to make their own associations and are strongly motivated by their own interests. In traditional schools and childcare, the focus is strongly on reading and writing skills before they can progress on to anything else. With Montessori Rockingham childcare even the youngest begin to set their own training, in a playful and fun environment.
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