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Four Must-haves for your First Trade Show

Trade shows are an excellent way to get your brand recognized, to market and to network. While some companies may question how cost-effective they are, if you have the right display and someone friendly and able to sell the brand, they are well worth investing the time and money in. If you have never been to a trade show before with your own booth it can be hard to know what kind of display items you should get, especially when some options are so expensive. Whether you are new or need to update a tired trade show booth with a media wall, Perth or elsewhere, here are four must-haves!

The four display items your booth should have are;

  • Retractable banner - Retractable banners are portable, light and easy to move around, set up and store. You have a printed graphic on a panel that rolls out when you release it and then retracts in with a spring-loaded based. You can get them at different heights and sizes and have whatever you want to be printed on them. You could even get one that allows you to swap out the graphic panel so you can modify your display for different events.

  • Printed table cover – Cover your table with it and arrange your products or information leaflets on it. You can find out from the venue how large the table is you will be receiving or you can take a fold-up table with you which are easy to carry. You can get printed table covers in different fabrics and have what you want printed. You might choose to have a large logo image, or repeated smaller logos, or something else. A little tip – sometimes table covers can make it hard to fit in items under the table like a chair at the back, so some people use open back table covers.

  • Media walls – Having a media wall Brisbane events or where you are is a great way to catch people's eyes and spread brand awareness further than a few feet. Media walls are tall and should be well designed. They can have anything on them, logos, graphics, words. Just think about what part of the backdrop is hidden by you as you stand and talk. Avoid having anything important there. Many events, not just trade shows, use a media wall Perth and beyond, to market.

  • Backdrop banners to be hung above the booth – Another banner option is one that can be hung above the booth. If you do not have a media walls Brisbane and elsewhere, these are definitely a good option giving you a display at a better height. Banners are great because they are so portable. Do ask the venue if they can provide a crossbar to put into the pole pocket. If they cannot and you cannot bring one you could opt to add grommets to the banner instead.

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