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Treating Brain Tumor with Gamma Knife in India

Gamma Knife Surgery

Gamma Knife radiosurgery for a brain tumor - Gamma Knife surgery is known in the world as a preferred stereotactic radiosurgery treatment for the brain tumors, brain dysfunctions and arteriovenous malformations like trigeminal neuralgia.

Gamma knife is in fact not a knife, but the machine which directs 192 beams of the highly focused cobalt gamma radiation to demolish abnormalities and brain tumors.

The surgery removes physical trauma and the majority of risks related to conventional surgery. Gamma Knife radiosurgery for a brain tumor is generally a single time therapy completed in a day. Gamma knife surgery is most effective for the patients whose tumors are:

  1. 3 centimeters or less in the diameter

  2. Localized

  3. Either non-cancerous or cancerous

Treating Brain Tumor with Gamma Knife in India

Gamma Knife surgery procedure

Gamma Knife surgery requires the proficiency of several specialists, such as a neurosurgeon, a physicist, an anesthesiologist, a radiation oncologist, (for children and the patients with some special problems) and a well trained registered nurse.

To minimize the discomfort, the patient is first given something to get relaxed, and then the metal frame is fitted around the head of the patient securely. Because the head frame is stiff and fixed in a place with a pin, the lesion or tumor can be plotted with excellent precision using the CT or MRI scan.

3-dimensional planning software is used to design the treatment which hits the correct contours of the lesion or tumor with an effective dosage of radiation.

By studying these images, the doctor locates the abnormality in the brain precisely then accurately focuses the gamma beams on the abnormality.

The head will be held motionless during the surgery session while 192 radiation beams are simultaneously focused at the target. The size of the focal spot may be adjusted and the multiple focal spots can be joined together to deliver high radiation dose accurately to one target or to the multiple targets, anywhere in the brain.

Potential side effects and risks of gamma knife surgery are:

  1. Tenderness where the pins or screws were placed

  2. Nausea and vomiting

  3. Dizziness

  4. Headaches

  5. Hair loss where the radiation was directed

  6. Damage to the surrounding tissues in the brain, caused by swelling

Gamma Knife Surgery Cost

Gamma Knife Surgery is among the very precise kind of radiation therapy which helps in treating various abnormalities in the brain. The low-cost Gamma Knife Surgery ranges from US$ 5,000 - US$ 7,500, which is significantly lower than various other western countries.

The mentioned range of Gamma Knife Surgery cost may vary based on the factors mentioned below:

  1. The technology used

  2. Type of the Hospital

  3. The proficiency of the specialist

  4. The overall health of the patient

  5. The current age of the patient

  6. Types of treatment & medications provided

Gamma knife surgery benefits

There are many benefits of advanced gamma knife surgery, including:

  1. It is extremely accurate

  2. No incision is required

  3. Only one treatment is needed

  4. Shorter Treatment

  5. Provides high quality of life

  6. Minimal Discomfort

Recovery time

When you return home, you may feel a little tired. Be sure to rest and take it easy to give the body a chance to recover from treatment. That said; most patients are able to resume everyday activities within a day or two.

You may find that you have minor swelling or irritation at the site of administration or the pin sites, which should resolve on its own within a couple of days. Some patients would require multiple sessions of Gamma Knife radiosurgery and can expect repeat sessions during this period.

If one requires more than a session, the doctor will develop the treatment schedule appropriate for an individual condition and the treatment needs.

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