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FIFA 19 features a new Dynamic Tactics screen

It's actually not too difficult of a concept to understand. If you defend really well, the opposing team can't score. Paired with a great attack, it's the dream combination on FIFA 19.But alas, it's something a lot of us casual players don't really dedicate our time to understanding. So, now, I will reveal to you all the tips you need to better defend against an attacking play.

Jockeying your opponent is an effective way to stop the ball-carrier easily dribbling beyond your defender. When an attacker is running at you, simply hold down the L2/LT button to perform a jockey.This means your defender will angle himself correctly towards the ball, and allows him to get close to the attacker. This should make it more difficult for the attacker to beat your player.You can hold the X/A button while jockeying to 'contain' your opponent, which will essentially make your defender automatically track the attacker in whatever direction he moves.This can be useful when near the sideline, although it can result in the ball being passed around your defence more easily. Use with caution. In addition, Cheap FUT 19 Points is on hot sale at our website

Alongside holding R1 for a second man and L2 to jockey, you can hold X or A to contain. It’s like switching your defender to autopilot. They’ll track the attacker and hold their ground, but a skilled player will still be able to pass it around you and get past without too many difficulties. Containing is often useful to get nearer to an attacker, since containing will automatically pull you towards them, but you'll fare better by jockeying and tackling manually when you're close enough.

FIFA 19 features a new Dynamic Tactics screen that lets you customize and then switch up your formation on the fly. Because of this, there’s no longer one defensive formation to rule them all, as you can easily switch between Defensive and Ultra-defensive strategies.
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