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When Hiring a Bathroom Renovator - Vital Questions You Should Ask

Ensure you know all the facts prior to finalising a bathroom renovator in Melbourne. It’s simply not an easy task to select a good bathroom renovator when you’re flooded with deceptive ads, unskilled tradesmen who cut corners, poor information concerning cheap prices as well as claims that are very confusing. Now, when you’re surrounded by these barriers, how would you ever find a trained and skilled bathroom renovator?


The majority of the people just look at the price but there are many other things that need to be looked upon before hiring a bathroom renovator. Bathroom Renovators who provide cheap rates for bathroom renovations in Melbourne just can’t afford to do the job perfectly that will withstand. They would cut corners by hiring outsourced tilers, installing products that come apart just within few months and use low-quality waterproofing. What you get from such cheap bathroom renovation is just a surface overhaul and not a long-lasting bathroom. The saying, “You get exactly what you pay for” definitely applies over here.

Before welcoming any bathroom renovator into your home, you should ask below vital questions:

1. Do you use your own professionals?

Some of the companies continuously lose or dismiss workers and appoint new workers. So such companies don’t get better work quality from their professionals. In contrast, if 90% of your professionals are “in house” and work with your company on a long-term tenure then they will provide you with immaculate high-quality work. And in return, you’re company will also feel like providing them with constant, permanent work.

2. Do you have insurance in place?

For your safety, assurance and peace of mind, your bathroom renovator in Melbourne should be able to answer “yes” to this very important question.

3. What time period is required to complete the bathroom renovation?

A full custom bathroom renovation will need at least 2-3 weeks regardless of who does it. A bathroom renovator is perhaps misguiding you or cutting corners if he promises a faster time period.

4. Can you provide written guarantees for your work?

True! Guarantees aren’t of any value unless they are inked in black and white. It’s imperative that all guarantees must be in writing. A written contract confirms that the bathroom renovation company will follow through on their guarantees. Certainly, you don’t want the bathroom renovators to cut any corners when it comes to your bathroom renovation.

5. What’s in store if I am not satisfied with some of the work?

  • --> A reputable bathroom renovation company will swiftly answer – “We’ll straight away fix and restore till you’re fully satisfied one-hundred percent.

  • --> Bathroom Renovators who aren’t genuine will say something indistinct like “We’ll work out something”.

The legitimacy is if a bathroom renovation company has completed their work to Australian standard (which has tolerances), they can demand their payment.

6. Can you provide me with your past client references?

  • If they give you a list of client references, ensure to call each one of them separately and ask crucial questions to get a frank account of their experience. Be sure to ask concerning the genuineness of the bathroom renovator and any problems they might have faced.

  • If the renovator is not able to hand you with the references of their recent previous clients then it’s a red flag.

When you get convincing answers to these six vital questions then you’ll have identified a bathroom renovation company in whom you can trust.

And you may also want to ask some vital questions like:

  • --> Who will pay if a worker is injured in my house?

  • --> Is your workforce covered by workers’ compensation?

  • --> Are the damages to my home/ property covered?

  • --> Do you possess public liability insurance?

An ideal bathroom renovation company should answer “yes” to all of these crucial questions. Such a company can give you a complete peace of mind because, in the occurrence of some kind of accident, they are totally insured, which guarantees your protection.

Final words

Make a well-informed, clever decision with this useful and handy information - Choose a Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Company wisely to suit your precise requirements and budget.

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