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Some Myths of Carpet Cleaning You Need To Avoid

Carpet installation is among the major investment a person makes for enhancing the look of the house. There are many people who told many things about the care of the carpets which are completely untrue. Thus, following those myths would let you make the conditions of your carpets even worse. So, the carpet cleaning experts are always there and try to explain that the myths about the cleaning will be not beneficial for you at all. Here are some of the common myths of carpet cleaning with the real facts.

Myths about Carpet Cleaning

Myth: If the Carpet Is Only A Year Old, Then It Does Not Need Cleaning

Fact: There are many people who believe that the carpet does not need cleaning if it looks dirty. However, if you wait for the visible dirt, then it is possible that your carpet has been already damaged. In fact, the soil is visible to the human eye and can easily cause the most amount of damage. The dirt present deep down the carpet will destroy it and you cannot remove the dirt with an only vacuum cleaner.

Myth: Carpet Will Shrink After the Cleaning

Fact: Your carpet would not shrink at all unless it is completely dried. This is why it has stated important for hiring the Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast expert. The expert cleaning of the carpet will help to ensure that the carpet is dried properly.

Myth: The Carpet Do Not Need To Be Vacuumed Every Day

Fact: You may have also heard that only vacuuming once in a week is sufficient. However, is known to be the outdated information. The experts now suggest for daily vacuuming of the carpet to prevent the dirt to build up in the carpet. This would not only help your carpet to be clean, but it will also reduce the indoor air pollutants.

Myth: Carpets Does Not Nee Professional Cleaning If They Are Cleaned With Store-Bought Products and Equipment

Fact: The products, as well as equipment you will purchase from the store, should not be compared with the professionally used equipment. This is because these products have harsh chemicals that can cause serious harm to your health and carpet. Moreover, these products might also not work effectively. The carpet cleaning machines use lot of water for cleaning the carpets. If the used water is not extracted, then your carpet might develop mildew and mold.

Myth: Store-Bought Products Can Be Used For Keeping Carpets Fresh

Fact: Most of the products bought from the store have talcum powder as ingredient. This powder would get accumulated in the carpet by the repeated use. You may not be able to remove talcum powder with the help of vacuum cleaner. The problems can also result if the talcum powder has been exposed to the water. This is the reason why most of the people have to remove their old carpets and get new one after one or two years of using store-bought products.

How Choosing Experts Would Be Beneficial For You?

There is number of prose of choosing the experts from OZ Clean Team for the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane services and they are listed as follows:

1. Satisfied Customer
2. After-Service Helpdesk
3. 24 Hour Available For Customers
4. Best Service in Industry

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