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Attracting Visitors to your Exhibition Display Stand

A key part of successful marketing and taking strong public relations action is to take part in relevant trade shows and exhibitions. It is an excellent means of spreading brand awareness and allows your company or yourself to interact with customers and interested people, and get useful feedback. It is also a good way to see what your competitors are doing!

A part of any successful trade show is the exhibition backdrop and the display options you use. That is part of the strategy in getting people to visit your table or booth. An attractive, unusual and eye-catching stall grabs the attention of the exhibit visitors. Here is a look at some of your display options.

1) Banner stand displays – Probably the most common display used at these events as it is a standalone option but can be combined with other options like a portable media backdrop, to create different looks for different situations. Also makes a good directional banner or promotion sign outside. They are portable, flexible, easy to put up and take down, and can be re-used in various ways. You can get fabric banner stands (floor stand), fabric exhibition backdrops (floor stand), tabletop banners, and ceiling hanging options.

2) Outdoor event display options – With an outdoor exhibition, you need to think about uneven surfaces and the elements. Flying banners comes in various shapes and can have logos or messages printed on them. Most are double sided too and once fixed into the ground will be able to handle most wind levels and the rain.

If you are looking for something that gives you an instant outdoor or indoor option consider the pop up promotional shop from which you can distribute samples and such. Another great idea to entice people to you is having a printed tent. People can use it to get out of the hot sun, or the rain and they are easy to set up and take down.

3) Printed fabric options – Using printed fabric as an exhibition backdrop is a great way to make it more attractive and draw people's eye. Using bright colors and graphics using high resolution they can really stand out and they come in a range of sizes and prices. They are commonly used for printed table cloths, fabric banners that are easy to install and carry and rubber backed mats.

4) Other great options include making sure you have a counter on which materials can be placed and demos made when appropriate, illuminated cylindrical displays that light up and look great, and a portable media backdrop that is easy to carry around and re-use.


Whatever kind of event you are attending, large or small, and in any industry, you need to make your section something people want to come closer to. The above are just some of your display options, there are many others out there. You do not have to settle on just one, it is a great idea to mix it up and have things at different heights to maximize the impact your company name and logo have.
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