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What’s the Real Purpose of Logo Design?

Logo design are scattered everywhere you move. The real purpose of logo design is to communicate the brand values, influence our decisions, and is source of identity of a business. The single aim of a logo will always remain to identify the product, services or business.

Therefore, a professional logo designer before creating a business identity needs to fully understand the target market in which logo will be seen such as who the competitors are and what is their unique selling point? What colors will go the symbol? And what needs to be done to differentiate your brand identity from others?

The corporate symbols are treated as strategic business tool that helps company to provide recognition in the market for an enduring period. These symbols include visual meaning of the brand which through ongoing marketing and interaction with customers occupies a space in the customer’s mind. When customers recall a business in their mind, they often immediately picture the logo of the business.

Likewise, when a customer looks at a logo they are familiar with, they immediately associate it with the experiences, interaction and memories attached with the brand.

Establish Recognition
A memorable logo will always help customers to recognize the brand. Unique shapes and beautiful colors are easy to recognize for the human brain. This shows that if the brand symbol is uniquely created then it becomes easy to recognize the company and its products and services.

Communicate Brand Values
In addition to establishing recognition, a logo design also helps in communicating brand values. For instance, the logo of Amazon has a smile beneath which represents that they provide products from A to Z delivering with smile and spreading happiness among their customers.

Influences our Decisions
A brand with a unique logo design with creative fonts and shapes also helps in influencing the decisions. A logo helps to perceive the business and allow customers to make judgments about the products and services offered. A fresh and clean symbol enables customers to actively engage with the company and buy its products and services.

Therefore, it is important to create a logo that correctly represents the business, because it helps to hook the right target audience. If it is created poorly, the business attracts the wrong target market and things start to go downhill.

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