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Getting your meat from a Butcher

Some adults remember the times when getting your meat in your weekly shop meant going to the local butchers. But when supermarkets became the main way people did their food shopping, it just became more convenient to also get meat from there rather than having to go to a second shop. It almost meant the end of local butcher shops, but thankfully there are still some excellent butchers around because more people are returning to using them. A Perth butcher or wherever is local to you can offer you more than you can get from a supermarket, personal service, requests in the preparation of your meat, offer cooking advice, provide platters, and better quality smallgoods from sources they know more about.

Butchery has been around for over three million years! Specialized cuts and notches in bones of animals that were around the same size as a goat or cow have been found proving it. Over many years butchery became less primitive and more skilled. Butchers today go to schools or apprentice themselves to learn the trade. The best butcher Perth and elsewhere knows about things from the start of the process all the way to the end like;

  • Stunning animals

  • Exsanguination

  • Skinning the animal

  • With chicken and pork the process of de-hairing and scalding

  • Removing internal organs

  • How to split the carcass of the animal

  • Properly making primal and secondary cuts

  • Preparing the meat and processing it

  • Packing the meat and keeping in the right conditions for it to stay top quality

As well as training in the handling of the meat, they are also trained in communication, customer service and even cooking and nutrition so they can better advise customers if they ask how to cook something.

This means you can really be more knowledgeable than ever about what you are putting into your body. Eating meat is not bad for you, you just need to eat better quality, and that is what you can get at a good Perth butcher shop. At a butcher, you can learn about different cuts and even different meat options. If you want to try something new you can talk to them about what you like and they can offer you suggestions. Or maybe you are looking for meats that are low cholesterol, or something high in iron or some other dietary need a butcher can offer help with. You can also get a great selection of platters and such, some have homemade pies and other tempting options.

When looking for the best butcher Perth has to offer, consider you are not just making a better choice for your own health you are making a better choice for the animal, for the butcher who runs a family business, for your local town's economy.
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