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Ways to take care of outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can be placed in a number of places, patio, garden and porch. Each of these areas comes with a different set of exposure to external factors that determine which of the various cleaning methods should be used. The type of furniture material also plays a huge role in the ways that furniture can be cleaned without damage. Protecting outdoor furniture is not the only way to prevent it from damage; cleaning it as often as possible also helps set the pace. There is literally no difficulty in personally cleaning outdoor furniture Sydney, all that’s needed is a few household items:

1. Cleaning metal furniture: This type is very easy to clean, some soap, microfiber cloth and car wash is all that’s needed to make this outdoor furniture Brisbane look as good as new. A power wash can also be used, but it should be set on low, especially if there are glass compartments on the furniture. Steel furniture should be checked for scratches and if rust has set in, should be taken care of with steel wool. The steel upholstery should be painted over with the same color of exterior paint after treatment

2. Cleaning Rattan furniture: This type is already protected against UV rays from the sun and water, so cleaning it would be a breeze. These types of furniture use different materials underneath, which might need extra care. Steel can be taken care the same way as metal outdoor Melbourne furniture, while aluminum just needs to be cleaned frequently with soapy water to preserve its color. Aluminum has a tendency to experience oxidation, which affects the color negatively while positively reinforcing the strength of the upholstery.

3. Cleaning Resin furniture: Some soap, water, microfiber cloth and a power washer for particularly tough stains is all this type of furniture needs to be clean and ready for summer.

4. Cleaning plastic furniture: A homemade cleaning solution can easily take care of this type of furniture. Some liquid dishwashing soap, bicarbonate soda, hot water, cloth and a bucket is all that’s needed to bring back the long lost color on the outdoor furniture Sydney. Just leave the cloth to soak up the cleaning solution before handling the upholstery and use a garden hose to get rid of the cleaning solution residue.

5. Cleaning wooden furniture: Brush grit or debris gently from the surface of the furniture. Some liquid dishwashing soap and warm water with a non-abrasive cloth does a lot of good to the wood. Coating with some teak oil protects the surface from damage as a result of the adverse temperature and weather effects. Use some oil wood finish in cases where the furniture is peeling.
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