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How do Earwig Insect Cause Damage?

Sometimes earwig removal is necessary because the animals cause severe damage to gardens and crops. They often damage vegetables by attacking young plant shoots or by eating away at the base or the stem of a vegetable, damaging or killing the plant eventually. Fortunately there are also types of organic control for earwigs available.

How to Control Earwigs?

There are physical and chemical ways to get rid of earwigs. Always remove debris and garden waste and leaf litter. Trap any earwigs that you might see with specially designed earwig traps. Darken an area to get the earwigs to leave their hiding places so that you can catch them.

Insecticidal soaps or non-toxic control products such as diatomaceous earth are also an option.

Be careful with chemical pest control treatments. They are not always safe and you need to check whether a certain type of product is suitable for indoor or outdoor use before you apply it. Never let children get close to any pest control products and keep pets at a distance when applying these products.

Earwig Control Product Examples

There are many earwig control products commercially available. They come in concentrated, powered, and aerosol form. These products are available at your local hardware, home improvement, or garden shop and are reasonably priced. Usually one treatment suffices to get on top of the problem.


This concentrated product is odorless and can be applied in the area where you have spotted the insects. It works for up to six or seven weeks if used correctly.

Demon WP

This insecticide works on many different pests and comes as a powder that has to be mixed with water. It tends to work a bit better than liquid concentrates.


This unscented aerosol spray product is meant for inside use and is safe for children and household pets.

Often times you will not realize you are facing an infestation of earwigs until the damage has already been done to your plants and garden. By minimizing the places earwigs have to hide, you can go a long way toward protecting your yard and landscaping from them.

What do earwigs eat? Usually they head straight for your favorite plants and flowers. Or they show up in unwanted places such as kitchens or bathrooms. Earwig traps can be very successful but in most cases of a serious earwig problem you will have to use chemical pest control methods.

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