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Different Options for Trade Show Displays

One element of a successful trade show exhibition or booth is to make sure there is something that attracts people to come closer. It takes a person about 8 seconds to walk past a 10-foot booth. Most often trade show attendees will use signs, a media wall backdrop, and various types of displays to do this. With some good media wall printing or a pop-up booth you can show your product or service and share your brand and logo.

Part of a successful display is to make sure it is of good quality and professionally done. Proper coloring, well-defined writing, and logos. This is the first impression we are talking about. This is possible even on a budget and there are a variety of options you can choose in the type of displays you might put up.

Backdrop and Background Displays

A very useful type of display if you want a media wall backdrop like effect that is easy to put up, take down and transport, is the pop-up booth option. A curved face pop up booth is elegant with a metal frame that is expandable and graphic panels that are magnetic. You can get them from 4 foot by 4 foot all the way up to 8 foot by 20 foot. For standard booth sizes, you are looking at an 8 foot by 9-foot option.

Similar to the above is the straight-faced pop-up. Again very easy to set up and put away. There is also the graphic fabric panel option with a straight-faced fabric pop up. There is one large panel made from fabric with media wall printing or your choice of logos or graphics. Still easy on the setting up and taking down but a little less vibrant than the PVC panels.

Banners that stand on the floor

If you are looking more for something like a banner on a stand, there are a number of types. The retractable banner in its retracted state has a stand that is a tubular shape and made from composite plastic or aluminum. To get the spring loaded banner out just pull and hook into another pole. Then when it is time to pack up, unhook it and it will retract back by itself. These are easy to use, portable and come in a range of sizes.

There is also the X-stand banner which has an X shaped light metal frame and comes with media wall printing on a PVC banner and has grommets so it can be hooked on. It is durable, portable and can be used for outdoor events when you use ones that have a wider stand that offers better stability. These options also allow you to have different graphic barriers on PVC that you can change depending on the event.

Then there are also L-stand banners made from plastic or aluminum that are easy and compact. When the graphic banner is held up it takes the shape of an I. It comes in different sizes and you can use several of them together to create a larger backdrop.
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