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10 New Ways to Save Money

New methods and techniques are developed each year to help you reduce expenses and save money; what a great feeling you’ll have when you file your annual income tax return and compare it to the previous year. From the latest online applications and services to fun and creative ways to shop, your budget will never look the same when you take advantage of these different money-saving strategies! Here’s a look at 10 different ways you can save money.

1. Track and Budget Your Money
Tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses is one of the best ways to save money and see where it’s being spent. There’s a new array of services and applications for your computer and mobile device that allow you to track your budget. The most popular websites include,,, and Each of these services have different features, such as timely spending updates, secure linking with your bank account, and real-time recording of all your purchases. A detailed summary of your account will help you visualise your money and allow you to easily determine where you need to reduce expenses.

2. Carpool, Bike, or Ride a Bus
The costs of fuelling your car can add up quick and drain your bank account without you realising it. Carpooling is a wonderful way to save money, especially if you commute daily to work or school and have neighbours that want to carpool as well. If you live in a city with plenty of bike routes, then riding a bike will also lower your gas expenses. Some places have an organised, cost-effective bus system that you can ride; you can track local bus routes with online navigational devices and bus schedules. You’ll be amazed at how lower your monthly budget is with a decreased gas expense.

3. Cook at Home
The cost of takeouts, orders, and dine-outs puts an enormous dent in your budget that is easily avoidable. Cooking at home is not only cheaper, but also healthier. Imagine hand-picking your own fresh ingredients compared to processed, frozen, or pre-packaged food items that could contain harmful preservatives. Instead of ordering out, choose healthy mouth-watering recipes with wholesome ingredients for a more delicious, less expensive meal. You can also plan your meals with the latest apps and services, such as Menu Planner,, and

4. Cancel Your Cable TV
The Internet now features services that allow you watch your favourite shows online for free. All of these methods will give you the option to cut your cable costs, and you’ll still be able to catch your favourite programs and shows.

5. Improve the situation with loans.
If you use remittances then first compare personal loan companies and choose the best. If you have loans then it is better to repay those whose interest is higher, so you can save money

6. Invest in Water Filtration
If you drink bottled water and cannot fathom the idea of drinking tap water, then there are some great water filtration devices available on the market. Fill up your portable water bottle with the filtered water before leaving home so that you never have to buy bottled water. Keep portable filtration systems with you when on the road to further cut costs.

7. Purchase in Bulk
Keep your eyes open for deals on items you purchase often, and buy in bulk if there are coupons or other deals. Bulk buying will save you money and time; you won’t have to worry about shopping every other day for common household items and you reduce gas costs. Imagine buying your favourite sauce that costs $5, but when purchased in a six pack it is only $4.50; you end up saving $7.50 — now that’s a deal! Also, plan your meals ahead and make a grocery list so you are not buying unnecessary items that will sit in your pantry and eventually go stale or expire.

8. Shop Online
Not all shopping has to be done in person at the store; you can also consider shopping online, especially if there’s free shipping available. Seasonal shopping is also a good idea — save money by buying items only when they are on sale.

9. Save Energy
Go green and install energy efficient lighting. Changing your bulbs and light fixtures will reduce your electricity bill and increase your overall savings. Using solar energy to charge some of your devices at home is another fantastic option. If heating and cooling bills are taking a toll on you, install a thermostat to save energy and minimise the charges.

10. Shop at Thrift Stores
Not all fashionable and trendy purchases have to be new. Thrift stores are great places to find hidden treasures for less than half the price of regular clothes. Use websites like and to discover new thrift shops in your locality.
Start with one or two of these ways to immediately begin saving money today! Once you have established a couple of methods as a regular practice in your daily life, select a few more and make them consistent as well. When you implement these different methods in a progressive, habitual manner, you will be more likely to permanently reduce your expenses.

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