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Getting a Good Psychic Reading by Phone

Some people incorrectly think that all phone readings must be bogus as real readings can only happen in person, but that is actually not the case. There are many genuine psychics who can give a psychic reading by phone, whether you are looking for an Australian psychic or are living somewhere else. In order to get the most out of your phone reading here are some tips on what you can do before, during and after the reading
Before the reading

• Be sure to choose an Australian psychic or psychic of your choice that has a good reputation. Look at reviews from former clients and see if there are a lot of questions about how genuine they are. If you are going to get an accurate reading you need a good and genuine psychic.

• Get a pen or pencil and paper with you next to the phone and write down some questions you are hoping the reading will help work you through.

During the reading

• Spend a little time having an informal chat with them so you can get a feel for the psychic and become more comfortable with them. It does not have to be specific about the kind of reading you want, it can be just general chat.

• When the psychic reading by phone starts make sure you are somewhere quiet where you can really listen. Remember this is not about getting a specific answer or asking for winning lottery numbers. Ethical readings done by genuine psychics cannot make such promises and decisions you make can change readings about the future anyway. But you can get some general insight that might help you make better choices so you are not dealing with regret.

• Next to where you have written some questions or thoughts, before the call you can write in anything relevant that connects to them. You can also write down anything else that stands out for you. This is a good way to keep the reading fresh for you to think about later. You could also record the call if you prefer that to note-taking.

After the reading
• Read through your notes or re-listen to the reading as often as you want. Remember that there is no timeline. Keep your notes somewhere you can refer to so you can use them as guidance.

• Give your Australian psychic a review. If you are happy with how the reading went it is always nice to give a positive review so others looking for a good phone reading know this is a good one to use.


Phone readings are becoming increasingly popular, as are video chats online. They are more convenient to both people involved. There are of course some people out there that are just about taking advantage of people so make sure you spend some time checking out the psychic and their reviews before you use them so you only use ones that are credible and reputable.

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