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Getting rid of the annoying pests in Brisbane

Hello, You might find it a bit strange that I am from England and I`ll discuss a widespread problem for people living in Australia. First I have to state I moved to Brisbane a year ago so I am not that familiar with everything yet I would like to give my 2 cents on the issue.

In London we have our fair share of pests, old buildings and all but the biggest cause of concern are the moths. Moving here from the madness that is London I felt in love with the place very fast. My family loved it as well but we weren’t expecting that amounts of pests.

I knew there are a million animals here that can kill me but the fantastic cities, people and nature were more than enough to ignore those. Pests, on the other hand, I didn’t know about. In my short time here I had problems with fire ants, cockroaches, termites and more.

I have had problems before so I decided to call the pros and got in contact with a pest control company I won’t mention, but literally, two weeks after their services It was like they never came. I tried getting rid of the germs on my own, doing my own research online and tried a few methods but to no avail. I did more prominent research and found out that the best pest control in Brisbane is Toms Pest Contol. They are working in a few major cities in Australia and had very good reviews go I gave them a chance.

TomsPestControl took care of my problems in a matter of days, and my property has been completely clean for the last six months. If you require an exterminator, don’t look further give them a call, and they surely help you out and educate you on the problem and how to prevent it.

I can’t say enough superlatives about them. They were:

- fast ( answered immediately and took my order in 5 or 6 days )
- polite ( from the girl I talked on the phone to the exterminators, everyone were nice and friendly )
- knowledge ( they explained the whole process in details )
- tech ( they were using top tier machines )
- the pricing ( considering the job they did it seemed like they are free )

I just had to plug their service as I had a huge problem and was almost forced to move out of my own house. The responded quickly and fixed it with ease. I know I am not native and maybe there are other good options as well but personally, I can’t recommend TomsPestControl enough.

This is just my 2 cents, and if I manage to help even one person I`ll be happy I wrote this. Please leave your comments and advice about this serious issue. I hope I`ll stay for a long time in Brisbane and even though I loved working with them I hope I don’t have to see them again ;).

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