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Helpful Tips and Ways While Making Move with Children

Children like routine and acquaintance and they take their lead from you the parents so it's really important to be clear in your own mind about what you want to say to reassure them. Here are some helpful ways to get started:

imagine where you'll be when you talk to them - in the kitchen or the sitting room - perhaps over a mean. Imagine what you're going to say and try and think about any questions they might have so that you can respond in an upbeat and positive way. Try and make sure your body language and tone of voice says that you're excited and about the move.

Tell your children as soon as you can. The earlier you tell your children they are moving the better as they will worry less - children need to get used to the idea of moving too!

Be positive about your move - Children will pick up if you're anxious about the move.

Talk to your children about their feelings about leaving their friends and having to make new ones. Talk about how to keep in touch with their old friends - email - Skype, text and coming to stay in the holidays - depending on their age.

Try asking your children these three questions:
what is the best thing about your new school?
what will miss about your old school?
what is the scariest thing about your new school

Talking through these issues will help your child build their confidence and give them support in coping with the practical side of moving and any emotional worries they may have.

Do some fun stuff - Spend the day in your new neighborhood and find fun things to do like their new playground or leisure centre, restaurants and local tourist attractions so that your children have a positive impression of their new area.

Start decorating their room in their head - it's always fun to imagine what will go where and what new furniture or decorative items they'd like - even perhaps a new theme!

Let children pack some of their own boxes, especially those with their favorite toys and games - get them to personalize their box with colored pens and stickers.

Create a moving scrapbook - Fill it with pictures from the old house - photos of their room, the garden, the height chart and include notes from friends and teachers - anything that creates a happy memory for them.

Remember to pack a bag for each child - A few favorite toys and books, their sleepwear and any comforters so that they will be able to settle right in.

Talk through with your children what will happen on the move - They need to know as much as you do where they will be and what the schedule of the day will be like - who will be looking after them and when their first night in the new house will be.

Plan the first night in the house - Make it really special with perhaps a takeaway meal and a movie.

Spend time with your children on the first night - unpacking can wait - make sure that they have their favorite books and toys.

Don't be surprised if your child becomes more clingy after moving to a new house - it's natural - just try and stick to your normal routine, mealtimes and bedtimes to create a sense of continuity.

How you handle the changes is how your children will handle the changes so remember to be patient and positive and listen to their worries and reassure them.

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