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How to install AOL one point

How to install AOL one point


AOL is a software that has helped many users in making their work easy and enjoyable because it boosts up the speed of processing various tasks and also enhances the security of your emails and files online. It is an all-in-one security board where all your passwords and online ID’s are stored. It also provides its users with one-click login facility through a secured path. There are two types of AOL desktops that one can use, one is the AOL software and the other one is AOL Gold. The second software is also the product of the same company but it is the premium version of the AOL desktop. Now in this blog, we are going to discuss the installation part of AOL one point. One can download it by themselves or can take the help of the aol desktop insatll to all the support they want. Else here are a few steps by which you can install the AOL one point:


  • First, go to the official website of AOL and download the software.

  • After successfully downloading the file you can extract and after reading all the terms and condition of software you can finish the process.

  • Now to Reinstall Aol Desktop the software, log in to your account on the website.

  • Once done, check the “my benefits” column. You will find AOL one point and then hit the download now button.

  • Once done with this, click the run button, so that your program starts extracting files.

  • After this, your desktop will ask for the allowance for the making changes in your desktop. Give the allowance and accept the terms and condition.


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  • Click install and continue.

  • Once you completed the setup and installation part, you will then have to add your financial account and another account as well.


Now after the completion of all these you can fairly use your one point software. While doing so if you need any help from the experts you can contact them using the install aol desktop on their official website.


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