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Fix Dell Print Spooler in Window 10

The issue of print spooler in Windows 10 is most common and quite frequent regardless of printer brand. It does not matter which printer brand you use the issue may occur at any moment of time. The most advanced printers such as Brother, HP, Dell or Canon also cannot avoid this issue. However, if you are a Dell printer user you can contact at Dell Customer Service Phone Number to remove the issue. This blog is also dedicated to this issue to make you aware of this issue and solve it.

Reasons behind the Printer spooler error

There may be some specific reasons that can cause this trouble. Below are some major causes of occurrence of this issue:

  • Driver malfunctions

  • The printer has not set as default

  • Multiple printer connections with a single computer

  • Multiple printer command at a time

  • Virus attack

Easy steps to fix the print spooler in Windows 10

As you have seen that there could be multiple reasons behind the issue so it is obvious to solve this issue using several methods. Now you will get the most useful and proven methods that can solve your issue easily.

Method 1. By configuring the print spooler to the automatic start

  • In your keyboard press “Windows+R”

  • A box will be open where you need to search “services.MSC”

  • In the items list you have to find “printer spooler” then hit the right click

  • Now open the properties option, where you need to select “startup type”

  • Then click on the “Automatic” option

  • Click “apply” then “ok”

  • Now you can restart your computer to get fixed

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Method 2. By editing the registry on the system

  • Press “Windows+R” button again

  • Search “Regedit” in the search box

  • In the items list, you need to find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” then open it

  • Now navigate the “system” option then press “current control set” and then go to the “services”

  • Then select the option “spooler” and choose the value “DependOnservice”

  • Now the “value data” section will open where you need to find “RPCSS with Http”

  • Then you will have to remove the HTTP part and then click “ok”

  • At last, restart your computer to save the changes

Method 3. By removing the malware and viruses

The issue print spooler can be caused due to a virus attack in your system. So you need to remove this threat by simply scan your computer using the antivirus software that is installed in your computer. After performing a complete scan delete the suggested files that are corrupt and remove the viruses or malware from your system.

These methods are quite useful and proven worldwide and are able to solve your problem at earliest. Nevertheless, the cause of the issue may be different for you depend upon your printer or computer. For Dell printers, you can contact at dell customer support phone number and get the quality support within minutes with the help of expert professionals.

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