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Perhaps ESO Blades Gold is just me

Perhaps ESO Blades Gold is just me but I do understand why anyone would want to play The Elder Scrolls Blades. The entire appeal of the Elder Scrolls Blades franchise is being able to walk from point A to point B without any loading screens or very few. Seeing that The Elder Scrolls Blades includes a pvp degree, a heart world, and a level in my opinion takes away that feeling that is wonderful these games supply. In addition, the pay to win things, frankly what did you expect? Game companies know that people will shell out money because they want to progress. Unless each gamer as a whole puts their foot down and boycotts this kind of stuff, they're not going to do anything except appeal. Your opinion means nothing without your wallet.

Listen you can enchant your weapons and certainly will upgrade you weapons you don't need to shell out money just be paition The Elder Scrolls Blades is a portable game not a games console it's not intended to be played hours straight you supposed to play with it like your playing a mobile game that I play Buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold and just await my torso and stuff and if you good at timing and Sheila's you can conquer a hard amount just be paition.The manner Bethesda has been recently makes me genuinely. Bummed because the Elder Scrolls Blades is my favorite game show and I grew up enjoying morrowind, oblivion, and Skyrim. I want Bethesda would just return to their roots and simply have fun together with The Elder Scrolls Bladess they're making and seeking to generate income by impressing their lovers with superior works and amazing games instead of getting cash grabbing, pay to acquire whores like EA. Can I be the only one who's noticed that all of the old game companies are ruining themselves recently?
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