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AOL Desktop Gold login for Windows

AOL Desktop Gold login for Windows


AOL Desktop Gold software provides and access to the users to use it as a search engine and also access AOL mail. It can be seen as an all in one platform. This software can be used as a web browser, where you can play games and watch videos and do other multiple things. It is also famous for its security features. You can Download Aol Desktop Gold in your operating system. Installation is quite easy and it won’t take more than 10-15 minutes, provided you have access to the proper net connection. If you already have AOL software downloaded in the system, you can install AOL Gold from that platform. The users can take a free trial or subscription which lasts for generally a month. The struggle which people usually face is while signing into the software. If you wish to know the procedure for Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold, you can have a look at the steps that have given below and implement them accordingly.


Method for signing in to AOL Desktop Gold

  • Once the installation is complete, double click on the AOL Gold icon

  • Once the software opens, click on the sign in button.

  • Create a username and click to Continue.

  • Create a new password in the pop-up

  • Enter it again for confirmation


Once done, you can now look at the steps for signing into the AOL Gold Account


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Method for signing to the AOL Gold account

  • Double click on the save button.

  • An auto sign in window will open

  • Write your username and password and press enter

  • A message will ask for the confirmation of a username and password. Select that.

  • After that, while clicking on the sign in button, you can access the account on Windows.


You can also save the username and password and opt for the automatic sign in window. Put a checkmark on the ‘Save password’ and Automatic sign in of username’ boxes. Hope this method works for you. If you face any issue while performing the steps, do not hesitate to dial the Aol Desktop Gold Download. The platform will help you in providing a guaranteed solution so as to resolve the error. The number can be reached at any time. Before you download the software in the device, it is advised that you give a check to the system requirements and also verify the server settings to be free from errors in the future.


Source Url-: https://www.email-desktopgold.com/aol-desktop-gold-login-for-windows/



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