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How to Get Rid of Annoying Pigeons from Your Property, Home or Garden


Don’t allow pigeons to create problems for your home or your business. They can be very noisy and they can cause serious damages to your structure. The droppings from them contain high amounts of acid so you could face some high dollar repairs down the road if you don’t take action now. Pigeons are also well known for slamming into windows and the cost to repair them isn’t cheap.

You want to work on getting rid of pigeons as soon as you know you have a problem. Don’t put off exploring what you can do about it because they can continue to grow the size of their flock daily. In fact, pigeons find that they are more comfortable when they have a large group around them.

If nothing else bothers you, the sounds of all those birds out there are going to. You can’t imagine how loud they can get unless you have had such a problem with pigeons in the past. One of the best ways you can get rid of pigeons on your own and for a low cost is to use ultrasonic devices. They last a very long time and offer sounds that aren’t heard by you or household pets. They drive the pigeons away because the sounds indicate to them that the area they are in is no longer safe.

If you don’t have too large of a pigeon problem yet you may be able to place scars on the rooftop. However, many pigeons also make a home on the ground where they can find lots of food. For example if there is an outdoor restaurant you own or you have an apartment with a balcony. There are a few ways you can also combat those concerns.

Pellets that don’t taste great can help you to steer pigeons away from your property. They will move on to seek food that they do enjoy the taste of.


If you can’t enjoy your balcony right now due to pigeon droppings, then you need to take action. Spike strips may not have crossed your mind as you consider them to be something for heavy duty commercial use. However, the same concept can be offered in smaller versions and they are very versatile to use. That way you can be outdoors on your balcony when you want with no signs of pigeons there.

If you do have a large area you want to keep pigeons out of then netting is the best choice. It can span quite a distance and is offered in many sizes to fit any location. If you are talking about crops or a garden, the netting also allows for water and sunlight to get to what is growing. Yet the birds can’t gain access to any of it.

If your pigeon problem has gotten completely out of control it may be overwhelming for you to take care of it. Consider turning to a Brisbane pest control professional as they can come in, do an assessment, and quickly implement different ways to get rid of pigeons that also won’t harm them in any way.

The cost of such services is more affordable than you might think and worth looking into. Professionals also provide pigeon removal tips.
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