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Popup Media Walls is on the Forefront of a Trendy Reinvention of Pin Boards

Before the availability of digital backgrounds, selfies and social media, people on a budget found creative ways to draw attention to their businesses, organizations and charitable events. Some enterprising individuals are going old-school in their approach to publicity utilizing a combination of photos and Popup Media walls as pin boards.

Popularly known as pin boards in the past, organizations would use a simple, one-color media wall as a background, take an instant Polaroid photo, and pin it to the wall. The media background was an easy way to showcase other people of note that supported a business, charity or cause to generate interest.

The English actor, James Corden, host of The Late Late Show with James Corden in the U.S., utilizes a form of this in his backstage area where celebrities that appear on the show attach their photo to a pin board. Madame Tussauds in Hollywood is utilizing a similar strategy with a digital pin board.

Popup Media, understands the many ways that the company’s media wall Brisbane are being put to use for major enterprises and smaller endeavors. The media wall specialist offers backdrops that can be customized in multiple ways for a wide range of events and is currently offering savings on some of its best-selling walls that includes:

• 2m wide x 2.3m high media wall for one to two people
• 2.4m wide by 2.3m high media background for two to three individuals
• 3m wide by 2.3m high media wall for three to five people
• 3m wide by 2.3 high curved arc media wall to frame three to five people
• 6m wide by 2.3m high media backdrop for a group of six to eight individuals

A media backdrop Melbourne can be utilized as an unadorned stand-alone wall or customized with names, logos, images and social media posts. Popup Media walls are equally advantageous for the revival of a proven marketing method that’s making a trendy comeback.

About Popup Media

Popup Media is a Sydney-based company specializing in the production of media wall backdrops & media wall printing for all events and occasions. Our focus is on details and our talented team of creatives will assist you select and design the right solution for your event. Our products are functional, reusable, high-quality and feature modern design. Our products are versatile, portable, lightweight and easy to set up. The entire system is sturdy and fits in a handy aesthetic carry bag.

Media Contact
Popup Media
Phone: 1300 909 446
41 Birmingham Street
Sydney, NSW 2015
Website: www.popup-media.com.au

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