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Why Install an Open Path Gas Detector?

Gas build-up is always a concern in industrial workplaces, especially if the bulk of activities are happening in a factory. In an effort to keep workers and facilities safe from toxic or combustible gases, innovations in technology have created open path gas leak detector. They are able to quickly detect dangerous gases, they work well in many different environments, and they have added features not often found in other gas detections systems.

What is it?

These systems use a beam of infrared light to detect gases anywhere along the beams path way. This sensor can be anywhere from a few meters to a few hundred meters in length. They are often used by the petrol and petrochemical industries, as they can achieve a very rapid gas leak detection.

Why should it be a priority?

We’ve found that open path gas detectors have a number of benefits that many other models can’t offer.

• Wireless Data Networks

These systems are equipped with electronics that allow you to monitor the area in real-time. Through your companies WIFI network, they can send data to engineers, managers and technicians immediately, so you can rest assured you have up-to-date safety information. With the right employees having access to the data, decisions can be made on the spot in terms of health and safety if a situation were to arise. You can even have this information routed through your smartphones and tablets, so you can access the data anywhere, any time.

• Large Monitoring Area

As we said earlier, open path gas detectors can monitor a large area, up to hundreds of meters. While this may not be necessary for indoor factories, for companies operating in rural areas – or even off shore drilling facilities – these systems are ideal. This is especially important if operations are being performed remotely, meaning the public’s safety can still be maintained to the highest standard.

• Ideal for Outdoor Conditions

There would be no point having a system that monitors large areas if it only worked during perfect conditions. As these work by sending out an infrared beam, gases are sure to cross paths with it – especially when it’s windy. While rain and fog can reduce the strength of the received signal, this can be solved by installing multiple wavelengths, as a second reference point.

• Cost Effective Solution

While companies want detection systems that are accurate and reliable, they also want these systems to be affordable and efficient. These detectors provide the best of both worlds, as need very little calibration or maintenance to be effective. They work well with extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, and other factors, so you know there will be little to no ongoing technical issues. They take far less maintenance and ongoing support than past models, meaning there will be less costs going ahead into the future. We’ve also found that many companies only need one monitor for their entire workspace, which is another money saver.

With advances in technology, we’re constantly seeing new and improved ways of keeping our workers safe. With open path gas detectors, you’ll be able to do this this efficiently, effectively, and affordably. If you want to learn more, we recommend reaching out to a nationally recognised provider of quality gas detection products – the model you buy could literally be lifesaving!

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