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permanently stay on a WoW Classic server

I think there is a huge requirement for TBC servers, Vanilla private servers are a whole lot more popular due to wow classic gold the fact that they are so publicised, there is not many decent tbc servers, even if there was then we'd see more of a demand. I for one, could play TBC over Vanilla, I loved Vanilla, I spent hundreds of ingame days through both Vanilla back in 2004 and now over private servers, but nothing will conquer TBC made me feel, like Wrath, which are the icing on the cake, but we will see how it goes. In addition, I agree that TBC should be rolled into by the Vanilla servers, feels much more innovative, you get to keep the character you've spent hundreds of hours on. Personally, if I cap 60, advancement through all of the raids, then need to re-level, I am probably not going to like it, I loved the TBC launch, the amount of pvp that went in Hellfire Peninsula because of each 60 on this host being squeezed into a single zone, it had been great, it had been horrible to level in but it was so much fun pvp wise.

You guys talked about what will happen if blizzard makes the decision to advance to bc. Imagine if blizzard from day among classic says something such as"servers x, y or z will potentially advancement to bc. We dont know if it's going to even occur but if you are okay with rolling over to bc then perform on these servers. IF you would like to permanently stay on a WoW Classic server and not advance to bc visit servers A, b or c. Again it's set in stone. We dont know if we will act with this but it gives us the option in two years once we will inevitably need to make a decision to roll over to bc"This manner and when the time comes to advance to bc, server wont be disrupted with people transfering in and out and you dont have to start new new servers. That is only supposed to provide an option for down the street when this problem arises to Blizzard.

Wait. Nano is fretting about ganking ruining the participant encounter? Im a little confused. Isnt that the POINT of PvP serversPvP with impacts and response? I feel like that is having your cake and eating it as well. You want any moment PvP's degree and immersion, but you dont need it TOO genuine. Thats not the way this works, friend. You made the decision to play PvP, now own it.Battlegrounds and the honour system 100% have to come together, it's going be a shitshow should they come separately. Nano hits the nail on the head when he says that rankers will minmax it and camp higher level zone and each FP. This will lead to maybe 1 percent great gameplay and camping lowbies. This is totally bad for the life span of cheap wow classic gold/server.
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