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Top Eleven Text Summary Tools

We summarize things far more than we realize in everyday life, news headlines when a friend asks us what a book was about when your partner asks how your day was. We do not tell them everything, we select the main highlights and give a summary. Students though have to summarize far more than many people, it is in the nature of studying and academic writing. It can be time-consuming and having a tool that can accurately do it for you would be a wonderful thing. Well, there are! There are actually several options when it comes to software that acts as a text summarizer. Here is a look at eleven of the top tools.

1) Resoomer – This is a great online tool, one of the better ones out there, as you can even use it in several different languages too including Italian, English, Spanish, French and German. It has several custom settings, and you can focus on a number of keywords.
2) SMMRY – Easy to use and free, this summary tool has a number of useful features and advanced settings for URL use. Users can copy and paste in text or upload a file or put in the URL of the site.
3) Summarizing.biz – Another free tool. You can set how many words you want the summary to be, the range being 100 to 300. There is also the option of paying for a professional summary that can be any word count and any type of paper.
4) Split Brain – This text summarizer is helpful as you can insert URL not just paste in text, it works in 39 different languages and you can control the paraphrasing density.
5) Autosummarizer – Produces very concise summaries at about 5 to 6 sentences in length making it faster to study when you have to explore a number of articles or case studies.
6) Tools4Noobs – This software offers a good range of settings to work with and you can do things like limit how many sentences are used in the summary and have it highlight keywords in the text for you to see.

7) TextSummarization – This is a tool for non-fiction text and you can paste the text in directly or put in the link to where it is posted. You can control how long the summary is with this one too.
8) Summary Generator – A simple tool to use that is free for everyone. Not over complicated with lots of options, just two buttons, one to summarize the text you put in, and then one to clear it so you can input another.
9) EssayRevision.net – This tool may be the one for your studies as when you get your summary after pasting in text, that summary can include subheadings to break down the information for you.
10) Online Proofreading services – With this summary tool you can set the number of words you want in your summary. There is also an option called Keywords. With this, the user can see the 8 to 10 key ideas in the text that the summary uses.

11) Summarize Bot – Not an online tool, this software is one you download. It is quick and can offer you the opportunity to see key ideas in a text and can give summaries on the latest news.

These were the best online summarizing tools to deal with the task effectively. We hope some of them became your favorite summarizers, and you’ll use them often in the future.

Every tool has a strong algorithm so you won’t have to proofread a lot in order to make the summary look hand-written. The usage of such websites can be productive for your studying as long as you can focus on more important tasks and leave this routine work to web services. If you’re asked to summarize some article or paragraph in your own words, one of these tools can become significant for getting fast results. Their user-friendly design and accurate algorithms play an important role in the summary development.
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