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Integrated Marketing Communications Is Communicated Across Multiple Platforms

The importance of Integrated marketing Communications is to make sure that there is coherence and coordination between the various communication channels at all levels of the organization. This included, PR, Advertising, Sales promotions, Sales collateral, etc. etc. The emphasis is on the messaging which has to be consistent across all the channels. Integrated Marketing Communications is a Marketing strategy initiative and would cut across multiple departments: Corporate Communication, Investor Relations, Product Marketing, Sales, and Demand Generation etc.
Integrated marketing communications, broadly means, a marketing campaign that is communicated across multiple platforms, methods and channels, in a cohesive and strategic manner.
Most marketing campaigns will target specific demographics of people across each of the type of media they are most likely to be consuming. For example, if I was the target demographic for a particular new movie, I might see a video advert for the movie on Facebook, print billboards in the city, animated ads on websites I use and full page ads in magazines I read. Each if the adverts will look very similar and communicate a simple key message. The frequency and repetition of the adverts I see over a number of consecutive days or weeks are likely to make me consciously consider going to see the movie.
On the reverse, if a marketer only placed an advert in one magazine on one occasion, the likelihood of me seeing it is lessened. By hedging ones bet by using multiple platforms, methods and channels the marketer can ensure a better return in investment and a wider reach of audience.
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