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Customizing your Exhibit with a Great Backdrop

If you are planning on attending exhibitions and shows to spread awareness of your company and its product or service, you will be thinking about what type of display you need to have. This part of your exhibit is crucial so should be planned well ahead of the day to maximize visibility, draw customer attention and improve brand awareness. Customizing your area with a great backdrop, whether it is a portable media backdrop or something else, is an excellent step towards a more successful exhibit or show.

Getting the different elements of your booth right

If you are going to be a regular attendee of these events having something central, that stands out, sends your message or logo, and can be re-used each time is very useful. An exhibition backdrop, Sydney purchased or elsewhere or some kind of portable media backdrop.  The great thing about the portable options is, as it indicates, it is easier to put them away, carry them around and put them up again. You could also have some kind of central podium that can be seen from all sides by visitors.

Whatever you decide on try not to overfill your area. Think about how much space there is, and the best way to maximize drawing in visitors and sharing your message. Also, try to stay a little flexible with how you plan to organize things. Sometimes the layout space you get at these shows are great, and sometimes you just have to work with what you get.

Backdrops and media walls

Most shows have a large number of these from one vendor to another. You can have a large image, an exhibition backdrop Sydney based for example could have the image of the Sydney Opera House on it, along with your logo and a short catchy phrase. You can get ones that are retractable, some that are pop-ups, and so on.

Modular trade show booth

A great option that makes it a lot easier to re-use for each show is having a modular exhibit framework. These range from single walls to something more closed in and booth like, and you can get them in different sizes too. They are easy to rearrange to suit the space you are allocated by the venue and they look professional. In this situation rather having an exhibition backdrop you could turn one of the walls into playing the media wall role.

Great stand stuck in a bad spot

Sometimes it happens that you do not get the greatest position in the venue. Put in your key items and consider rotating if that would help. Then you just have to do the best with what you have, you and anyone else working the show with you will need to be extra vigilant and personable.
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