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How to manage spams in AOL Email

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It is quite usual to get fed up with the overloaded spams in your email inbox. However, AOL Email provides you with an option of managing spams so as to save your time. This email is very well known for multiple smart features and speedy sending & receiving of emails.  If you are not aware of how to manage spams in AOL Email then the best and initial step you can do is to follow this blog till the end to sort out the issues.

AOL Email focuses on the safety and security of its valuable users. This email provides you with an option to protect your account with the spam messages. There are spam options that you can customize according to your need. Let’s have a look at how to do so


Managing spams in Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold


Identifying Spams:


It is normal for the email users to receive spams, but when they cross the basic limit and come in loads, it can be harmful to your account. Spams often contain links to suspicious pages that can put your personal information at stake. So it is important to manage them wisely.

Creating Spam filters:


  • Under username, click on the options > mail settings

  • Click the spam settings tab

  • Enter the username or the email address that you want to block

  • Click the + icon and save the settings

  • Note: To remove an address from the spam filter you click the X icon

While this folder will contain the spams that you have specifically blocked from an email address. Other spams can be managed by marking an email as spam if that seems suspicious to you. You can go to AOL email > select the spam message > on the top of the page, click spam. Furthermore, you can disable links and images from an unknown sender that might consist of virus or malware links.


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