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Ideas for alternative options to traditional high schools

There is more of a recognition today than even just 10 years ago for finding alternative pathways to success. Colleges other them so that students have the option of attending via less usual means, there are even alternative pathways offered into teaching in Australia and elsewhere, allowing individuals to enter a career of teaching and then gain their qualifications while working rather than having to be qualified before they can teach. There are also high school alternative pathways, where students have alternative options when it comes to high school education or training.

Some people looking for a good independent school Perth or where you live are doing so because they want an alternative option to traditional schooling. Here is a look at some alternative options for you or your child.

1) Independent study programs

There are many independent study programs available, some are area based and some can be found online. Public options are free and often have similar requirements as public high schools. Online the fees vary, and some universities also have their own online high school independent programs. Some even offer part-time options, most are more traditional academically but some are more.

2) Local alternative high schools

Another option is in an independent school Perth or where you are local. A lot of independent schools use alternative pathways for their students to achieve a high school education. Many have certain focuses that make them stand out from other private schools. In some cases, you can start your child really young and then they stay within the same school all the way up to the end of high school. A lot of them have a focus on self-determined learning, pupil-led learning, less testing, and more learning through doing. This is an option for those who have a good income though, as they are funded through the school fees they charge, not by the government.

3) Homeschooling

High school alternative pathways include the option of homeschooling. There are programs that can be followed by the parent doing the teaching. It is a good way for there to be interest-led learning, and who is more able to support their child's needs and interests than their parent?

4) Unschooling

Unschooling is a type of homeschooling but is becoming more popular with parents who want an alternative to a system too rigid in its traditional approach. The idea is learning should be enjoyed and it can happen at any time, not in set rigid lessons. It encourages the child to be engaged, interactive and interested and again is big on being self-directed by the child.


Alternative high schooling options have become more important as people realize the system does not work for everyone. Rather than forcing an unhappy teenager into the system that does not want them, alternative options give them somewhere they can learn their own way. By being less traditional children if attending a school have improved attendance, better communication with families and better family involvement, better socialization, better self-management, still plenty of educational and career opportunities and have a better interest in their learning.
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