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DIY Tile Floor Cleaning Tips


A tile floor is great to see especially when it is new. It shows that you have a lot of taste and a unique sense of style. However, as it gets dirty, the attractiveness it originally had will start to wane. This is the point that you should be thinking of cleaning your tile floor. In fact, it is advisable to clean it regularly if you are to maintain it for a long time. Most people might think tile floor surfaces have to be cleaned by using professional cleaners. This is not 100% true as you can find a quick guide that can help you achieve efficient Tile Floor Cleaning and regrout the floor tiles at the comfort of your home.

Cleaning of your tile surface does not have to be done using special materials. Extraordinary materials are required when you are doing thorough grout cleaning that will even involve polishing as well. Tile surfaces can be cleaned using the simple detergent you use to clean your house every day and warm water. All you need is the proper way to clean it effectively without making any mistakes. If you have been cleaning tile floors and surfaces for some time, this should be a breeze. On the other hand, if this is your first time, then you will need to pay more attention. And this could be even harder if you need to perform grout sealing.

Tile Floor Cleaning Tips

For tile floors, you will need a mop, a bucket, warm water and detergent. Put enough detergent in the bucket and add the warm water. Adding the warm water will allow the detergent to spread and lather. In the event it does not lather, you will need to stir the solution. Stir just for a minute or two and you will be ready to start cleaning. Make sure you sweep the floor before you start mopping. If you do not sweep it, it may not be easy to clean using the mop.


Countertop Cleaning Tips

If you are cleaning countertops, you will need the same tools but you will need a small bowl instead of a bucket, and you will also need a soft cloth or rag instead of mop. In this case, you will need to fill the bowl with warm water halfway and add a few drops of detergent. You will not need to stir this particular solution as it is for a small surface that is not very dirty. If the surface is greasy and oily, it may be advisable to use hot instead of warm water. In both cases, the amount of dirt will determine how many times you change the cleaning water. Keep in mind that you should change this water as much as possible to ensure the countertop is thoroughly clean.

Rinsing is the final and most crucial step in Melbourne tile and grout cleaning. In this case, you will need to rinse with enough water for the dirt, debris and soap to be fully removed from the surface. For greasy surfaces, rinsing should be done with hot water as this will ensure all the oil is removed. Once you are finished rinsing, you can dry the surface using a dry cloth or mop depending on the type of surface you are cleaning.
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