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Magnolia Capital Specializes in Financing for Cash Flow Problems

Raising capital for any reason, even a temporary problem, can present an array of problems. Magnolia Capital specializes in assisting clients with long and short-term private lending, venture capital and business restructuring to meet a wide range of situations and requirements.

Funding can be obtained for cash flow problems resulting from slow paying insurance claims, a significant lapse in the revenue cycle, equipment breakdown, or other unanticipated situation. Magnolia Capital has multiple solutions that can be implemented. Unsecured loans from $5,000 to $250,000 can be obtained for terms of 3-12 months and can often be available the same day.

Short-term private lending in amounts of $10,000-$50,000,000 loan-to-value-ratio can be secured in as little as 24 hours. Magnolia Capital can also assist with a 72-hour equity release with no fixed terms and a wide variety of assets can be utilized as collateral. First and second mortgages are an option in amounts of $50,000-$50,000,000 with terms up to 12 months.

Magnolia Capital works with an extensive range of private lenders, private funding resources, and first and second-tier lenders to deliver the type of funding each business needs. The financier works with clients that require business restructuring to become more profitable. Business owners have access to the firm’s big data, advanced analytics, tax experts, digital resources and accounting to ensure success.

Traditional lending institutions often won’t even entertain the idea of funding for emerging companies, early stage businesses and startups, no matter what type of potential they exhibit. Magnolia Capital works diligently to help clients with private equity and financing solutions when they’re in need of venture capital.

Magnolia Capital has a wide range of services available to assist clients for situations that includes accounting and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and performance improvement, along with post-merger integration, marketing and sales, and disruption management. The firm wants clients to succeed and places all of its considerable resources at the disposal of business owners that enables them to take advantage of new opportunities for greater profitability.

About Magnolia Capital
Magnolia Capital is an innovative boutique firm which utilizes the old-fashioned way and combines it with new age technologies to deliver services that are unmatched in capital, finance and advice. We focus on the basic principles, implementation of technology and simplistic business management techniques to help build powerful, cash flowing enterprises that can achieve long lasting and consistent financial results. We have developed some of the strongest relationships with tax advisors, accountants, finance providers and lawyers to be the ultimate one-stop shop to transform businesses and improve outcomes.

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Magnolia Capital
Phone: 1300 471 308
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Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Website: magnoliacapital.com.au
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