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Why meat platters are so popular at Perth parties?

Every time we have a party or some other special event, we should always plan very well the food we’ll give our guests. If you want to impress everyone, you shouldn’t settle for things as common as potato chips or nachos. If your guests are demanding, you must give them something that exceeds all their expectations.

People in Perth, Australia, often entrust the planning of food for their parties to the best butchers in the city. In many important social events it’s very common to see a huge Perth meat platter full of the most delicious smallgoods. Usually, a Perth meat platter contains slices of salami, pepperoni, raw ham, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, olives and tartar sauce. Next to it, a basket full of toasted bread is placed, giving guest the freedom to create their own combination.

If you live in Australia and want to impress all the guests at your party, visit a Perth butcher shop today. Some of these have their own catalogs, where client can choose the design, size and type of smallgoods they prefer. The smaller Perth meat platter is enough to feed 5 people. If you don’t know what size to choose, butchers from a Perth butcher shop can help you. You just have to indicate the number of guests and that way, they’ll estimate the amount of needed food.

Butchers from Perth have decades of experience planning food for the parties. Usually, a weight of 1.5 Kg per person is estimated, but there’s always an exception to the rule. Many times, guests come to the party more hungry than usual, so you should always have an extra reserve of food. If everything goes according to plan, at least you can take the extra food home.

A Perth meat platter can keep cool for months inside a refrigerator. You just have to make sure to store it in an airtight container. In fact, you can tell a butcher from Perth to prepare a meat platter according to your tastes and demands. Every time you feel hungry, just open the refrigerator and prepare a sandwich with the combination of smallgoods you prefer.

Australia is famous for its Italian butchers. There you can find sausages as good as those in Europe. Italians are experts preparing sausages. Many of them maintain the same recipes they learned from their ancestors and have improved them, adapting them to modern tastes. Every year, best butchers of the country compete against each other, offering tastings of their original culinary creations.

Some of these award-winning creations are so popular that they’ve become common consumer products. For example, many of these Italian butcher shops prepare their own menu during Christmas. Customers just need to go home and put meat inside the oven to have the best Christmas dinner of their life.

Perth butchers are also famous for their ham. Have you ever heard of award-winning Perth ham? For sure, it's worth traveling to Perth to taste at least one slice. With the first bite, it will surely become your favorite ham. And it tastes even better when you make a sandwich and add a little mustard. It's like tasting a piece of heaven.
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