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Choose India for Ethical Gender Selection Treatment


Pre natal gender determination is the attempt to know about the sex of the fetus in order to give birth to a child of the desired sex. Since 1994, this practice of gender determination has been banned in India under the Pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act. The Act bans any medical center, hospital, clinic or primary health center or diagnostic center to determine the sex of the fetus in an attempt to provide sex-selective abortion. But as every dark cloud has a silver lining; Indian Med Guru have come up with the solution to this problem even people from India opt this. They recommend couple to Bangkok for gender Selection treatment at an easy and affordable medical package.

However, gender determination becomes necessary in cases where there has been a history of birth defects or medical abnormalities. The selection helps in employing appropriate treatment for the fetus or many of the couple desire to have a baby of their wish.

Reasons for Gender Selection

Parents can go for gender selection in cases where they are carriers of genetic diseases that may be transferred to their offspring.

Muscular dystrophy and hemophilia are two examples where male offspring can inherit the disease from the mother. In such a case, the couple would like to have a female child.

Similarly in case of autism and Fragile X syndrome, fetuses of a particular sex are more affected than the other and for this reason, having a child of the other sex is less stressful. Sometimes parents wish to have a child of the same sex that they might have lost. 

Methods for Gender Selection in India

There are several methods for gender selection and each of these has its advantages. The most popularly used method for gender selection is the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) with IVF.

The method involves the implantation of the embryos of the selected sex. The in-vitro fertilization method is used to produce the embryos which are then tested for sex chromosomes, genetic disorders and variants. Only the healthy embryos of the desired sex are implanted in the womb.

There are some other methods of gender selection and these include:

  • Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH)

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

  • Single Nucleotide polymorphismanalys (SNP) technique

  • Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)

Some other procedures of gender selection include:

  • Ericsson Method

  • Genetic Testing

  • Microsoft Method

  • The Shettles Method

What is the Price for Gender Selection treatment?

The price for gender selection treatment varies with the country where the treatment is taken. The cost of gender selection treatment is around $7,500 and $11000 respectively. In Singapore, the treatment costs around $9000. However, the price for gender selection treatment in Bangkok is around $ 8000. This is very low as compared to the treatment in the advanced countries of the world.

Despite the low cost of treatment for gender selection, the facilities offered at the hospitals offering gender selection treatment are the best. The hospitals are adequately equipped with the required infrastructure and machines for the diagnosis and treatment.

Services Offered by Indian Medguru Consultants for Global Patients

Indian Medguru is one of the leading medical tourism companies offering high quality services to domestic as well as global patients. The company arranges for the appointment with the related doctors and surgeons at the top hospitals of the country. All arrangements with respect to travel and accommodation are taken care of by the company.

Airport pickup and drop facility, visa clearances, language interpreters and other requirements like arranging for nannies or organizing travel trips are also provided by the company.

Taking the services of the medical tourism company takes the hassles out of visiting a foreign land for treatment. The professionals at the company offer their best services so that the global patients are at ease and on familiar turf when they come to India for treatment.

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