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Dental Greeting Offers No-Cost and Low-Cost Care for Children

Dental Greetings knows the importance of early dental care for children to facilitate a lifetime of good oral hygiene. The practice offers up to $1,000 in select dental treatments over two years for children that are CDBS eligible.

One of the keys to a beautiful, healthy smile is preventative treatments and Dental Greetings offers some services at a discounted fixed rate, in addition to no-gap or nothing-to-pay services for health fund patients. For children who aren’t CDBS eligible, the cost is just $99 and includes a check-up, cleaning, and x-rays if needed.

For parents that aren’t sure if their child qualifies, they can call the office or stop in and the practice’s helpful staff will assist them in finding out. Many children don’t obtain the preventative check-ups and care they need. The Toombul dentist wants to make oral health treatments as easy and affordable as possible for everyone.

The benefits and necessity of pediatric dentistry is often overlooked. Some conditions are obvious, but many are not. Children often clench or grind their teeth at night. It causes wear and tear on their teeth that can result in permanent damage to their adult teeth, along with headaches, disrupted sleep and even problems with their jaw joints.

A popular myth is that baby teeth don’t need much care since they’ll later make way for adult teeth, but the opposite is true. Baby teeth are weaker than adult teeth and the enamel is 50 percent thinner. The Geebung dentist knows how easy it is for decay to set in on baby teeth.

Gum disease is something that people normally associate with adults, but the condition also affects children. The gums are responsible for protecting bone that holds teeth in place. Gum disease weakens that structure and teeth may shift. It can cause inflammation, swelling, and bleeding when children brush their teeth.

The special offer at Dental Greetings for children that are CDBS eligible helps youngsters obtain the dental care they need at little or no cost and establishes the foundation of good oral health throughout their lifetime. Early dental exams by the Boondall dentist are an investment in a child’s health that also has far-reaching benefits on their physical, social, mental and emotional development.

About Dental Greetings

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Dental Greetings is dedicated to providing a family approach that treats patients with the utmost care and understanding. Dental services are available throughout Virginia, Banyo, Wavell Heights, Boondall, Toombul, Zillmere, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, Northgate, Nundah, Geebung and all surrounding suburbs on the Brisbane north side. Dental Greetings will change the way you think of dentists and we aim to make any dental phobia a thing of the past. Connect with Dental Greetings on Facebook and Instagram.

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