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Restore Disappeared Contact from AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold Address Book has disappeared


The whole point of an email account is to help you keep in touch with your contacts. But if your contacts are missing and if your address book itself has suddenly disappeared then you have a big problem. AOL Desktop Gold users will be able to relate to this quite well. Sometimes even if you AOL Email Support and if you are using the latest version, you will still encounter problems like this. But there is no need to panic, this article will guide you on how to fix the error using some simple troubleshooting steps


Steps to fix AOL Contacts Missing Error


  1. Verify Network Connection: The most basic troubleshooting step involves checking your internet connection. You can try opening AOL from a different browser. At the same time, you can open an alternate website just to make sure the error is not with the browser you are using. If the website does not open you can contact your service provider for more information.


  1. Check AOL Webmail: If the internet connection is secure you can try and log in directly to AOL webmail. If you can see the contact list then sign out and log in to Desktop Gold. If you see that your contacts are missing when you log in via AOL Gold then you can be sure that there is a problem with AOL Gold. In that case, you will have to delete it and AOL Gold Reinstall once again.


  1. Run AOL Address book Sync: If you notice that you can see your contacts on AOL webmail but the same contacts are missing in AOL Desktop Goldthen you can try and sync the address book.

  • Login to the AOL Desktop Gold account that has the error.

  • Visit ‘fixit.aol.com’ and click ‘Run’

  • Follow the instructions to complete the address book sync

  • Re-login to AOL Desktop Gold and check if the missing contacts are visible

  • Be sure to save all contact names using words and not number or symbols


  1. Post-Windows Update: Many users experience that the address book is not visible in AOL Gold after a Windows update. Follow the steps below to restore your system settings

  • Open the Control Panel and type ‘Recovery’

  • Select System Restore and click ‘Next’ to confirm

  • Choose the most recent windows update and click delete

Restart your computer and check if your AOL contacts are visible or not.

General Troubleshooting for AOL Gold

  • Check the Sorted Category: It is possible that the address book is missing because the category is unselected. Change the category listings to view your contacts.


  • Temporary Internet Files: If your system or browser is cluttered with too many unnecessary files you may experience an error like this. Delete the cookies and temporary files to clear your browser.


  • JavaScript: Even though it is highly unlikely, in case JavaScript is disabled on your browser then you will not be able to recover your AOL contacts. Go to your browser settings and activate JavaScript then exit and reopen the browser to log in to your AOL Desktop Gold account.

If the solutions mentioned in this article did not resolve the issue then you may need additional tech support. You can call the AOL customer care number and speak to a trained professional on how best to  AOL Gold Update so that there will not be any error.


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