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AWS Certified Specialty

The AWS Certified Specialty provides deep and meaningful insights into security measures relating to Amazon Web Services. It’s essentially a course that teaches engineers how to master the AWS platform and keep it as secure as can be.

People who pass this course can become AWS Certified Specialists, which opens the door to many different freelance job opportunities. Amazon Web Services is one of the most widely used cloud computing services in the world. As a result, the demand for security specialists is growing day by day.
Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of an AWS Certified Specialist differ depending on the company you’re working for. However, the primary duties are all the same, and the focus is firmly rooted around the different security principles of this cloud computing services.

A typical job description will look like this:

Have an understanding of AWS data protection and how to classify data
Know how to encrypt data using various methods on AWS
Spend time using AWS mechanisms to implement secure internet protocols
Full and detailed knowledge of updated AWS security services and features
Make numerous tradeoff decisions relating to cost, security, and deployment based on application needs
Thorough understanding of all the security risks and operations centered on AWS

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