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Rockingham Montessori School Offers Alternative Pathways to Success

Children don’t all learn in the same way and not all youngsters aspire to college. Tony Gillespie, adolescent program deputy principal at Rockingham Montessori School OSHC, understands that and the school offers high school alternative pathways.

The school’s Adolescent Program for students 12-18 offers a comprehensive range of educational classes and activities that enrich students’ personal growth. Senior students have the option of enrolling in graduate programs through Murdoch University. Internships are incorporated, providing students with real life experiences and critical information. Services assist students in making the transition to their chosen educational and career path.

Rockingham Montessori School provides a well-balanced education that acknowledges that every individual learns at their own pace and achieves greater success when they’re excited about their studies. The work performed by mechanics, electricians and plumbers is equally important as that accomplished in the boardroom. The independent school Perth allows students to find their unique talents and passions.

The school provides students with opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship and work-ready skills that complement their interests and goals. Students are encouraged to aspire to their best and a variety of post-graduation opportunities are available.

High school alternative pathways include Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications that can be undertaken on campus or with a registered training facility. Rockingham Montessori School offers transitional programs to Murdoch University while students are still enrolled at the school or to help individuals enter directly into the workforce.

Choosing the right career path is one of the most important decisions a young adult can make. Many go to university, but a significant portion of students want to explore other options. The school’s partnership with Murdoch University enables students to enroll in diploma and certification courses or distance learning opportunities.

Every student deserves access to the best Rockingham childcare that can further their educational and career goals. Rockingham Montessori School’s Adolescent Program provides high school alternative pathways and opportunities that enable students to utilize their talents to pursue their passion and goals in any field they desire.

About Rockingham Montessori School
Rockingham Montessori School is an independent school near the ocean in Rockingham, Western Australia. We are committed to Montessori philosophy and practice, providing Montessori education experiences for children from 12 months to 18 years of age.

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