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Montessori Schools in Perth – What is Montessori?

If you live in the Rockingham area, south of Perth, and are looking for the best schools in Rockingham, or you are looking for alternative options you may want to take a closer look at the Montessori school Perth options. It is hard nowadays to know what is best for your child. Not all public schools can meet the needs of all the children they have coming through, there are issues of large class numbers, undervalued staff and not enough resources. One option in the number of independent schools you might consider is Montessori so here is a look at who or what Montessori is and how they are different from traditional schools.

Montessori background

An Italian professor of Anthropology who believed children should learn from doing things called Dr. Maria Montessori started the philosophy. She developed a methodology to teach children in an environment that is stimulating and hands on. Her idea also focused on teachers being environment keepers who ensure the children are able to carry out their self-learning process. Since then there have been schools following these ideas becoming popular all around the world, including finding Rockingham childcare.

The difference between traditional options and Montessori schools

In traditional schools, classrooms are made up of children at the same age. They move up a year with the same classmates and learn the same lessons and do the same work. The Montessori school classrooms are nothing like this. Rooms can have different ages in them and the space is an open concept with different workstations. Small group lessons are still given while the rest of the class get on with their studies. The idea is that the children as well as learning, are extending their social development as well as their personal development.

Even in the best schools Rockingham the traditional types spend time with a class giving information, use books and then set a task to be completed based on the learning. In Montessori, the teacher is a guide not the boss of learning. There is more of a mix between traditional teaching and other teaching methods and tools. The child is more in control.

Controversy over the methods

A lot of parents have had great success with their choice in sending their children to a Montessori school instead of a traditional one. A lot of people have direct experience with the success in this style of learning. However it is not a mainstream education methodology and because not much is known, some view it with suspicion. Despite this mistrust of a different way of learning, those Montessori schools that have been looked at have shown to have students who have performed very well. In fact, in most cases, they outperform children in traditional public schools. They also prove to have better behavior and better social skills.
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