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3 Reasons Why Exhibition Stands Are Still So Important

In the digital age, it can be difficult looking for ways to stand out from the crowd – especially when our potential customers are being bombarded with advertising twenty-four hours of the day thanks to their smart phones and televisions. And for that reason, there is nothing quite like an exhibition stand for attracting attention and providing customers with good old-fashioned marketing they can touch and engage with on a personal level. If you’re still on the fence about whether tradeshows are for you, we’ve put together this guide on our top three reasons why exhibitions and events are so important!

1. Attract New Customers
Many people attend trade shows with the hope of picking up a bargain or finding the latest trends. By hosting an exhibition stands, your business could be the one they turn to (and tell their friends about). Whilst you may not secure the deal on the day, you may find many new customers approaching you in the following weeks.

2. Connect with Old Customers
Whilst creating new relationships is critical for growing your business, it’s also important that you keep your existing customers satisfied. Tradeshows are often frequented by the same people every year and can be an excellent place to interact face to face with your current clients. Not only that, the connections you develop can only be strengthened with each meeting!

3. Meet with Industry Influencers
It isn’t only potential customers that attend events – journalists and industry influencers also make it a point to visit and scout out the latest ideas and trends. Take this opportunity to show off your business to the key people in a way that is much more memorable than an online interaction.

How to bring your exhibition stands into the 21st Century
If you want to continue attending tradeshows, but you don’t want your stand to appear outdated, consider bringing in elements of new technology and combine them with good old-fashioned customer service.

Touch Screens and Tablets
Just because you’re at a tradeshow and can talk with all of your potential customers face to face doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate touch screens into your exhibition stands. The ideal way to share even more information, touch screens offer a tangible way for your clients to explore your entire product range or sign up to emails on the spot!

Social Media
This is an excellent way to ensure you’re still connecting with potential customers long after the event has drawn to a close. Consider incentives to encourage new followers, such as giveaways and competitions where participants can enter into the draw with a hashtag or by sharing a specific photo from the event. Not only will this create a sense of excitement, it’s also a great way to reach people who didn’t attend the event!

Offer a Hotspot
Offer free WIFI to those in the immediate vicinity, and you’ll find potential customers flocking your way. This trick is the ideal way to draw people to your custom exhibition stands and generate a sense of goodwill. Not only that, if your WIFI is only accessible with a valid email address, you can store these emails for later use!

As you can see, you don’t need to invest in thousands of dollars’ worth of television or radio campaigns, nor do you need to send out invasive social media advertising. Indeed, there is nothing quite like exhibition stands for delivering impactful and effective engagements with your target audience. Hosting booths at trade shows can be the ideal way to reach out to potential clients, giving them a taste of your business and customer service that no online advert can deliver! If you haven’t invested in exhibition stands yet, now is the perfect time to take your brand to the next level!

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