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5 Essential Steps for Choosing Hi Vis Workwear

As we learn more and more about workplace safety and the responsibilities we have as employers to keep our staff safe, the on-site requirements that a business needs to meet continue to increase. One easy way to meet Australian standards is by investing in hi vis workwear – which are fast becoming a must for a range of industries. From the construction sector, road workers, and mining (to name a few), high visibility clothing offers a simple yet effective way to ensure your workers are easy to spot no matter what the conditions.

Colour Choice
If you’ve ever set foot on a worksite before, you know that workwear generally comes in two colours: fluoro yellow and fluoro orange. Whilst there are a range of other bright colours on the market – like pinks and greens – these don’t actually meet Australian safety standards. Regulations state that the chest and upper arms need to be fluoro, whilst the bottom component of the top can be designed to match your businesses colour scheme.

Reflective Panelling
Just like the fluoro colour standards, there are rules that must be adhered to when it comes to reflective panelling (according to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011). Class D clothes, which are worn during the day, need only be fluoro; whilst Class N clothes, worn at dusk, dawn and overnight, must have reflective panelling strips over the chest and arms. If you work throughout the day and night, consider Class D/N – they are both fluoro in colour and come with reflective panels.

Advertising Potential
Though hi vis workwear is a must for meeting safety standards, it also offers an excellent way to advertise your business. By printing your logo and brand name on the clothing, your staff are easily identifiable on site, and act as ambassadors for your business wherever they go. Whether they are on their way to or from work, or stepping off site to get lunch, they are exposing your company name and logo to everyone they meet!

Tops or Pants
The amount of hi vis workwear you invest in is dependent on the extent of the uniform you want for your business, but also the restrictions put in place by the job site and industry. Whilst some situations only require a high visibility top, others require reflective panelling and fluoro colours across the entire body – check with your protective workwear experts before making any purchases.

Protection from the Weather
Another factor to consider when investing in your new hi vis clothing is the conditions that your employees will be working in. If you work indoors in a factory all day, a singlet or t-shirt might be sufficient. However, if they will be exposed to the elements, a long sleave top and pants may be preferable. A hat or beanie can also be a good addition for the summers or winters respectively.

As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when investing in new workwear for your employees. The first thing that should be addressed is the Australian Safety Standards, as these are in place to keep your team members as safe as reasonably possible. Once you’ve satisfied these requirements, consider the advertising potential – turn your team into walking billboards for your brand!
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