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what is field services?

The FieldEngineer platform allows businesses to connect with a vast pool of IT engineers worldwide in order to meet their needs for a reliable, trustworthy, and on-demand field service workforce.

FieldEngineer is designed to ensure that the process of procuring qualified freelance engineers is as straightforward as possible. By signing up and posting a work order, businesses can be quickly connected - via the advanced FieldEngineer algorithm - with the staff they need. Posting a work order is completely free, and businesses are also able to better manage the costs of their project thanks to the in-platform capabilities.

Beneficial full range of services
In addition to connecting businesses to reliable IT engineers who have undergone full background checks, the FieldEngineer.com platform offers a range of additional services to ensure a comprehensive field service management solution. You will also be able to benefit from worker location tracking, worker assistance, worker order management, mobile payment processing, and more, all specifically designed to ensure your project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Read more:https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/field-services
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