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Remember Important Things, When You Moving To a New Place

Going on a major move requires a number of things to put in mind. To ensure that there will be no stones left unturned, it would be helpful to have a checklist of what to do.

There may be times when you think that moving can be done simply by packing your bags and leaving your home; however, moving with the whole family into a whole new different place, territory or even country can mean that there is more to moving than simply packing your bags and leaving.

You need to ensure that you do not leave any rock unturned. Doing so could mean a delay in help along the way or during your stay at your new address. Moving to another place can create some problems if you forget to do some required things, so better be sure that everything is done accordingly!

Checking the List for a Large Move

There are many important (and not so important) things to put in your checklist when you are moving out and getting to move on to a different home.

Mandatory elements are perhaps the most important to keep in mind. If you are moving internationally, you should remember these things. Some involve making local authorities know that you are moving and some are more on practical common sense. Bottom line, they are all important and should not be ignored.


• Passport. Make sure that it is valid and is nowhere near its expiration. Your local passport office of the Foreign Ministry can issue one to you if needed.

• Visa. You need to make sure that you have the appropriate visa if you are moving out of the country. You can get help from the Embassy of your destination. You might also need some other papers that would include travel permits for your pets. The website of your country of destination can be of help to make it known to you the requirements that you need to fix well before your departure. Ensuring that you have a proper visa, as well as travel permits for your pets, can ensure that no one gets left behind!

• Driver’s license. Many countries allow local or international driver’s licenses to be used until such time that you can get a local one. Ensure that it is valid and is also far from expiration.

• Photocopies. Make sure that you have photocopies of your personal documents. Aside from photocopied documents, create soft copies of your documents and save it in secure virtual file storage if possible so you can print it anywhere you are.

• Government notification. You should make it known to your local government that you are moving some place. Make sure that you can also register with the foreign ministry to ensure that they are aware that someone is “outside” that might need their help in the future. Your country of origin has a website that can help you file for your information.

Whether you are moving just within the country or outside of it, there are also some things that you might want to add to your change of address checklist:


• Money matters. Ensure that your card and bank address is updated to the new address. You would not want to be charged with fraud or be earmarked as such due to a discrepancy in your address. Update phone numbers whether it is a local number or an international one. Make sure that you have the bank code or SWIFT code to your bank account! Setting up local accounts in your country or locality of destination can also make banking easier.

• Utility. Electricity, heating, water, Internet, and telecommunications companies should be notified of your move. Whether you are moving the service to your new address or getting a voluntary disconnection, they have to know unless you would want your credit run up for unpaid debts or get billed for your home’s new occupant’s usage!

• Insuring your move. Whether you are going out of the country or not, you need to get travel insurance, as well as health coverage. This can be of great assistance in times of need. You do not know what may happen during the trip and you would not know what health issues you may face in a new environment; not to mention the costs of health services.

• Immunization. Your local hospital or family doctor can advise you on what immunizations to have when you move. Get immunized for illnesses that are present in your destination to make sure that you get back home healthy and disease-free.

Different agencies can help you make a successful move for you and your family. The local government, the Foreign Ministry, the various embassies, Professional Melbourne Movers and even local homeowners can make your move as event-free as it can be!
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