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Top Tips To Doing Business In Australia

Australia is currently one of the most exciting markets for business.  Not only has the country been moving upwards regarding the implementation of technology, but it has also presented some progression legislation regarding business development.  Nevertheless, the country remains rather distinct regarding culture.

While the majority of practices in Australia are similar to Western countries, there are several subtle practices that remain unique.  This article provides information on the cultural tips you should take into account if you are considering conducting business in Australia.

#1:  No Need To Mention Academic Qualifications

Australians do not, as a rule, emphasize their academic qualifications when engaging in conversation. In fact, these people will rarely mention qualifications during general conversations. Doing this may trigger taunts and jeering from people in your circle. Of course, academic qualifications are important if you are searching for a professional occupation.  Having good credentials can also influence the level of esteem you have within the business realm.  

#2:  Punctuality Is Essential

The portrait of the happy, young Caucasian businessman or student is associated with education, business and punctuality.  It is part of Australian culture to observe the issue of time and punctuality.  If you agree to arrive at a specific time or have a meeting at a proposed time, it is expected that you will be at the place at the detailed time.  Taking this into account, it is recommended that you arrive at least a few minutes early in case you are attending an important business meeting.  In fact, Australians observe punctuality during informal settings as well - so, be ready to work by the clock if you work in Australia.

#3:  Utilizing A Collaborative Culture

Australians utilize a collaborative culture as part of their work ethic.  If you want your company to be successful in Australia, it is recommended that you take advantage of this group dynamics approach.  Australians are highly collaborative in all areas, particularly decision-making procedures.  The collaborative processes greatly impact the general work ethic of the full country and the workers therein.  The prevailing occupational psychological approach is anchored in consultation; therefore, you need to be patient to allow for all-inclusive processes when conducting business in Australia.

#4:  Opinionated Discourse Is Not Considered A Bad Thing

Australians are highly opinionated and they encourage sharing thoughts among workers. In fact, they find opinionated discourse entertaining and enjoy discussions. Regardless of whether you are having an informal chat or a business discussion, you should not be frightened to share your opinion on the issue. For instance, businessmen in blue suits shaking hands at business meetings will attempt to make a positive first impression during negotiations.  This can help when welcoming a new colleague to an office environment, and it can be beneficial to you as a business person.  If you have any reservations on any issues, do not be fearful for sharing the concern with your Australian colleagues.

#5:  Cynicism Is A Common Thing

When doing business with Australians you may notice a degree of cynicism, particularly if the individuals are wealthy or powerful.  While it is considered normal to be proud of power or wealth in many cultures across the globe, Australians do not fancy the qualities of power or wealth.  Instead, there is a common tendency to have respect for people who are of average means.  It is for this reason that you should avoid portraying yourself as a powerful or wealthy individual.

#6:  Australians Value Pragmatism

It is a well-known fact that Australians value pragmatism above all else when it comes to marketing campaigns.  It is part of Australian to expect concise and direct sales techniques when planning campaigns.  If you attempt to push specific products to the market, it is vital that you make a point of the item's benefits and drawbacks.  By doing this, you will be respected for using a balanced selling technique.  Moreover, aggressiveness regarding sales is not appreciated when working in Australia.  People will often view the vital elements of the sales campaign and making the sale too aggressive can discredit it.

#7:  Females Are Underrepresented But Their Input Is Recognized

Another significant cultural tip to consider when working in Australia is the push they have for more females in the business market.  Recently, Australians have made great strides to introduce business environments that are more balanced from a gender perspective. While males typically occupy a larger percentage of workers in the business sector, women have started entering this industry with greater numbers in recent years.  This may be due to the cultural shift of encouraging more female leaders in business.  This is why Australians are highly enthusiastic regarding women entrepreneurship.

#8: Understanding Taxation is a Must

Understanding Australians and their taxation system is a must , especially as it varies between different states, depending on the tax. This piece from VATGlobal covers a lot of the ins and outs of taxation in Australia.

It is true that there are various other items that Australians do which could be considered odd to the rest of the globe; however, the above are the primary cultural tips you should take into account when working in the Australian business world.

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